Posted by: katemrdixon | September 14, 2010

After Eric

I’m Kate, and I used to help my big floofy ginger cat, Fat Eric, to write his blog at Fat Eric and Friends.  Sadly, Eric is no longer with us and it may be a little while before another kitty adopts us.  When they do, I expect they will want to get involved in the Cat Blogosphere too.  In the meantime,  I have started this blog in order to have a new identity I can use for visiting cat blogs and keeping up with Eric’s old friends.  I am still getting lots of visits from the Evil Intruder Cats and have cat-related stories to tell and photos to share, so that will be done here.  Please come and visit sometimes!


  1. We will have to subscribe to this blog as well–and we were wondering if you would be around to comment on our post when we decided on that for Find Chey! I’m surprised Cory Cat got it!

  2. We saw a comment on Chey’s blog and wondered if it was you. We will add you to our reader so we know when you post. We are glad you will still be visiting Eric’s friends because we all really miss him.

  3. Glad to see you on the blogsphere again. How is that evil Marmite?

    • Marmite has only visited us once since Eric has been gone. But Leo is round ALL THE TIME! (I think he is trying to move in). And several neighbour cats who never used to approach the door have been trying to get in…word has obviously gone round the neighbourhood that there is a vacancy for an extremely spoilt kitty…

  4. Kate
    It is good to see you!

    We have added this blog to our Reader, so we will know when you update.

    Will you keep Eric’s blog active?

    • Eric’s blog will stay up, I won’t be deleting it.

  5. We’re so happy that you want to still visit all of us! We will make sure to visit you as well!

  6. Hello Miss Kate. Glad you will still be around. We want a kittie to adopt you really soon.

  7. I’m glad you set up a place for yourself! And that you still wanna see us all. We’re pretty kitties, and we need to be seen 😉

    Gonna add you to my reader…can’t risk missing it when you’re ready to be adopted by the next kitty, even if that takes a while…

  8. Hi Kate,

    We are so pleased that yoo decided to carry on blogging ~ we know Eric would approve!

  9. Hi Kate – we used to love Eric’s posts they were always such fun and out of habit we still click on his blog everyday. We will add you to our list so we don’t miss your new posts.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Glad to see you are still blogging. Therapy of the best kind.. Hugs GJ x

  11. We’re glad you are still blogging. We’ll bet Eric sends somebuddy to you soon.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  12. I know that there is a kitty or two out there that will hit the jackpot when they find a forever home with you!

  13. We are missing you Fat Boy… but we know you’re up there rolling around in heavenly splendor.
    And when newkitty comes, as he (or she) someday will… never fear, YOU will not be forgotten!
    Hugs & Purrs, the Zoolatry Girls

  14. oh MissieAuntieKate, we are so very glad you will still be around – we love you!!!

  15. Hi Kate! Nice to see you here! We still can’t believe our dear friend, Fat Eric, is gone. We all hold so many wonderful memories of him. He was one in a million! (((HUGS)))

  16. yarrr! ye be allus in our black sin-laden piratey hearts, lass, as is dear eric! we be grattyfied t’know that ye remains wif us an’ looks forrard t’ yer posts!!

  17. We’re so happy that you will be blog-travelling whilst awaiting your next “adoption”! Eric may just have the purrfect kitteh in mind as we write! Patience , as this Very Special Puss may not yet have been birthed!

    Peace & Blessings!

  18. We will be happy to meet the new kitty when he finds you. In the meantime you have our purrs for comfort.
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  19. Hi…our first visit to your new blog…we will visit again soon!

  20. ahoy! we be stoppin by to say PURRRS! Ye should come by and set sail wif us yarrrr

  21. Hi, Ms Kate, so glad to see you posting on a new blog.

  22. Oh Kate!!! We are all so glad you will still be blogging and being around to Visit us!!! We can’t wait to see who Fat Eric send you to be your new kitty!!
    (((((((HUGS)))))))))) from your TX furiends,

  23. Oh, Willow and I are so happy that you will still be around and blogging while waiting for your next kitty! We still miss Eric and his adventures!

    Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  24. Another lucky cat will soon be adopted. I am hopeful.

    I had watched on TV “Battersea Dogs” and the folks there seem to be doing a good job helping the various stray dogs and cats there.

    Perhaps the next cat/kitten/s will be adopted there?

  25. Thanks again for the heart-warming photos and memories of Fat Eric. My mummy will very much miss his wonderfull personality, and also sneaking looks at his website when she should be working…he was one of a kind.
    Love & purrs from Mr Woo xx

  26. Hi Kate

    Just wanted to say Hi on your new Blog. Fat Eric was a big ginger legend and we miss him. He will be watching over you from the Bridge.

    Love & Purrs from Puss

  27. Like so many others, we miss Fat Eric too, and I’m glad you have this new place on the web we can watch.

    Saffron is sending purrs, and says if you’d like to visit she will welcome you with open paws.

  28. We are so glad to see you have this blog, and that you will continue to go visiting.
    Some day Eric will send the right cat to you, and you will know it is a special gift from him, you’ll be able to feel his presence when it happens.

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