Posted by: katemrdixon | September 24, 2010

Shocking News For Leo!

I’ve written before on Fat Eric’s blog about my next-door neighbours’ cats.  They have a black and white kitty known as Juliet – she occasionally visits our garden and will let me pet her now and then, but mostly she just keeps herself to herself and can be seen napping in quiet corners of our neighbours’ garden.

The neighbours have three small children who are at the stage when they are rather grabby with kitty tails, ears, etc, and Juliet tends to keep her distance from them.  Then, last winter, the neighbours got a little brother for Juliet, Leo, who has spent the last few months PLAY PLAY PLAY! ing all over their garden and our garden.

He followed Fat Eric around, no doubt getting instructions on how to be a good ginger mancat.  Since we lost Eric, Leo has been visiting us very often, inviting himself into our kitchen when the door into the garden is open.  He is a very friendly kitty.

But now Leo has had a terrible shock.  The neighbours decided that he was lonely and needed a friend to play with, since he is still not much more than a kitten and Juliet won’t play with him.  So…last week they went out and have acquired a new kitten!  I was introduced to her this week (she is still only indoors at the moment as she is pretty small).  She is SO cute!  A teeny dark browny-black tortoiseshell, with a yellow stripe down her nose.  Very fluffy (she is obviously going to be long-haired), with two enormous round yellow eyes like an owl’s.  I don’t have any pictures of her yet, but you can imagine how cute!  She skids around their house with lots of Teeny Tortie Attitude, jumping and playing and doing kitten-type stuff.  Leo is horrified.  His position as the Cute Kitten of the family has been usurped and the intruder keeps jumping on him and chasing him and trying to get him to play.  He has spent most of the last few days trying to move into our house!   Hopefully he will soon learn to enjoy playing with his new sister and then they will create havoc together.

I’ll try to get some photos of the Teeny Tortie Terror soon and let you know when a final decision is made about her name!


  1. LOL. We think you should just let Leo move in.

  2. We agree with Bubbles, Madness & Trouble! If he can’t move in, offering Leo Sanctuary from the Tiny Tortie would be most welcome, surely!

  3. Gee–I’ve NEVER had that Happen HERE. If he’s smart he’ll move in now.

  4. Are you sure you don’t want Leo to move in with you? He wants to move in with you!

  5. We think Leo may be spending even more time at your house now!

  6. We have a feeling that Leo wants to be a Spoiled Only Cat. Maybe you can help with that…

  7. Awwwww .. she sounds beautiful! And we are sure Leo will soon befriend her.

  8. We are glad your neighbors are cat lovers! Poor Leo. Perhaps he could have dual citizenship and live at both your houses.

  9. Yep, the baby of the family doesn’t want to be replaced. 🙂

  10. Poor Leo, what a shock! At least he has a safe haven he can retreat to until baby sister is big enough to discover your garden too.

  11. You’ll perhaps find Leo sat on the doorstep one day when you arrive home clutching his belongings in a carrier bag.

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