Posted by: katemrdixon | October 2, 2010

She’s Here!

The story so far:

1. Two weeks ago my neighbours acquired a tortoiseshell kitten.   (Already featured on this blog as the Teeny Tortoiseshell Terror!)

2. Two days ago my neighbour told me she was going to get rid of the (still nameless) kitten because “the other cats don’t get on with her” “I can’t cope with three kids and three cats” “do you know anyone who wants a kitten?”

3. She moved in with us today. We still can’t agree on her name. She is a teeny tortie terror though!

She’s been here for two hours.  So far, she’s explored the ground floor, eaten her dinner with great enthusiasm, used her new litter box (smart kitten!), scratched the back door mat, played with one of her new jingle balls, climbed on Eric’s Scratchy Mouse, had a look in her new box/bed, decided against napping on the fleece bed inside the warm box, and is now asleep curled up on the top stair of the staircase…not at all a trip hazard!  She’s going to the vet’s on Thursday to meet the Loud Australian Vet and begin her kitty vaccinations, which the neighbours had not done anything about yet.  Her birthday is July 25th so she is 10 weeks old tomorrow.  Although the neighbours had let her out in the garden a few times, she will be an indoor cat here for the foreseeable future, certainly until her vaccinations are well behind her.

We are stuck for a name still.  We composed a list of about 20 likely names but can’t find one we both like.  Maybe I’ll post a poll of some of our top choices so you can help us choose!


  1. Oh goodie we get to be first. Welcome little tortie lady. You found a good home.

    We hope we can become your furiends like we were furiends with the previous kittie Fat Eric.

    Such a tiny thing, Thumbalina? Skinny Suzy? Whatever they name you, we love you.


    Derby and Ducky

    • She may be small now but she looks like she has the potential to grow up into a large floofy cat! (You should see the way she hoovers up her food) – Thumbelina may turn out to be a misnomer!

  2. ConCatulations!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  3. Aw, she’s adorable!! We can’t wait to see what her name will be!!

  4. Oh how big are her toes? If she has big toes, she could be a big girl! We are think that’s great!!!

  5. Oooooh squeeeee there you are! Miz Kate fell in love with you. You could not have chosen a better home and your big angel brother Eric will be your guardian and make sure you are well and know all the important things to grow from a teeny tortie terror to a wonderful and feared young tough a** tortie lady.

    *big hugs to you Miz Katie*

  6. Oh Kate we are thrilled at this wonderful news!
    She has a “HUGE” hole to fill, but we bet she will do so admirably.
    Hugs, hugs, hugs to you!
    SS&S and Mom Lynne

  7. She’s adorable! Another tortie on the CB. I’m sure you are smiling from ear to ear with this little one in the house.

  8. Oh my goodness, lookit that! What a precious little girl!!! A kitten is sure to keep you on your toes, after having an older cat!! We’re new to the CB, but we’ve been reading blogs for a long time. We followed Fat Eric’s story, and we just wept for you when he was helped to the bridge. Now we have happy tears in our eyes for this news!!

    Fuzzy, Zoe, and mom Jana

  9. Squeeeee!! I don’t know what names you’ve come up with yet but I do have to say that as soon as I saw the second picture “Emily” popped into my head. Just one Kat’s opinion. I’m *so* glad she found a much much better Forever Home!!!

  10. hello you cute little angel baby!

  11. How funny the Teeny Tortoiseshell Terror should end up living at your house. We’re sure you’ll have a long and interesting relationship

  12. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We are so happy that “Tiny” has placed her pawprints on your heart.We so look forward to getting to know her, and we are so haapy for you!


  13. Oh how cute she is!!!! We can tell you are going to have such fun with her and her Tortitude!!!
    ((((((HUGGGSSSS)))))))) from your TX furiends,

    PS: We thought we left a comment and hope 2 don’t show up!

  14. We thought we had too! We all squeeeeeeed when we saw her and the first thing that popped into mom’s head was “Emily”.

  15. Welcome to your Teeny Tortoiseshell Terror! Hey triple T girl, you are lucky to have found a very wonderful loving family.

    We are sure you will bring each other lots of love and joy. We are so happy for you all!!

  16. Mistress of Tortietude as well! ;-D

    Yay! Another Tortie Kitten!

    I am not the only new young Tortie, anymore! ;-D

    Such a cute little one.

    She makes me feel “Old”, and I was only born in February! ;-D

  17. Elvira just gave me the news.

    So, the Summer of the Tortie is becoming The Fall of the Tortie. ;-D

    Daddy & I rescued Elvira 2 weeks before your little one was even born!

    Very cool!

    Such a cute little one. ;-D

  18. Hey, it just occurred to me!

    What ya gonna call the blog, NOW?

    Hee, hee! ;-D

  19. How wonderful to have a kitten choose you so soon! Eric is quite pleased, I’m sure, to see you and Hubby properly Snoopervised once again.
    Tiny Tortie Terror = TTT…maybe you could call her Tees? Tiny could eventually become Tremendous, LOL!
    I’m thrilled you have a kitty again.
    XX MomKat Trish

  20. Oh welcome little totie we so glad you got the best home and we know you will be happy happy happy

    Lilly Lu iris and maxie Ps we would not be suprized if you landed up with Leo too

  21. Oh, she is so adorable! Gotta watch out fur dem terrible tortie terrors…she’s prolly gots yoo wraped around her little paw already.

  22. Oh we are sooo happy that you have another furbaby to love!! She is one lucky little kitty to have you as her mama!

  23. Hello little lovie, welcome to your new furrever home. My mums nickname for me is Queenie, and she thinks that is what she will call the next cat she gets.

    Good luck with the name picking.

  24. A new kitty has come. Great news. She will grow up very very loved I am sure.

  25. She’s going to be a gorgeous she cat when she grows up. She’s a very lucky kitty to find a home with you.

  26. Oh how wonderful! We just know she will bring you great joy ~ and although nocat could ever replace Eric, she will find her own space in your heart.
    Welcome little one ~ whatever your name is!

  27. She’s adorable! Already filled with tortitude! LOL! Congratulations!

    We think she’ll name herself, in time. Meaning the right name will come to you, based on her purrsonality, as she settles in. 🙂

    A pox on her first humans; our mom has no tolerance for that kind of attitude and lack of care and concern.

  28. A very big welcome to the Tiny Tortie Terror, I’m sure you will tell Kate your name soon. You are such a sweet little kitten. You do realise how lucky you are being adopted by Kate don’t you? Life will be wonderful for you in your new home, luxuries and love galore and most importantly, no noisy brats to torment and scare you.

    Whicky Wuudler

  29. Oh, what a darling little girl! You will have such fun, we just know it! =)

  30. Congratulations on your new and very beautiful addition to the family. We were so happy when we found out that you had a new blog and that you’ve adopted this little Angel.

  31. I am so excited and happy about the new addition to your family! I cannot wait to watch the tiny tortie grow up!

  32. How wonderful to see the annoucement on the CB today. We are so pleased for you and we’re sure you will be kept on your toes by this little tortie minx. We know Eric will be grinning from ear to ear watching her keeping you both in order and getting you trained to her satisfaction.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  33. Yay! She is soooo cute. And looks like she has a lot of attitude. Can’t wait to see everything she gets up to.

  34. “They say the test of literary power is whether a man can write an inscription. I say ‘Can he name a kitten!’ ”

    Samuel Butler

  35. She is gorgeous. Can’t wait to find out her name. Although Tiny Terror seems appropriate given your description of her.

  36. Hi Baby Tortie –
    We didn’t get to know Fat Eric but it sounds like his mom has lots of loves to give and that you have made it to the right place!!! Hopefully we’ll get to know you better in his place. We’re excited to watch you grow up!!

  37. Happy dancing over here! You should see us!

    We just love naming kitten and woofies and the best advice we can give you is to just live with the little tortie terror for at least a few days or a week to get to know her better. Then take your list of 20 names and try them out on her and see if any of them fit. If that doesn’t work, I think everyone in the CB would be willing to supply at least 1 or a dozen names and then we can help you narrow it down! What fun!

    We are purring and dancing and playing THoE because a new kitten in the CB is cause for celebration. Welcome little one!

  38. Oh my, she is a cutie!!! You could call her TT (Tortie Terror)!

  39. How adorable… knew it would happen… soon!
    Can’t wait to see more of her and we hope you
    do publish your “list of names” so we can all
    help (ha, ha…). Perhaps Erika in honor of the one who came before! Call her Rikky for short.
    Anyway… not my place to offer these up… ah, well, could not resist. PS… when you’re ready for a header/banner let us know!
    PPS… did you see the yellow submarine on Casbah Kitten; it immediately brought you to mind.

  40. Oooh, a tortie! *faints*
    We think she already rules the house, so how about Victoria for a name?
    Grandma is going to squee when she sees those photos…

  41. The human is like: OMGOMGOMG SO CUTE SQUEEE with the kitty!

    Welcome, I hope you have fun!

  42. Welcome, Wee Tortie Miss! You will find great joy and happiness in your new home and LAPS!!! Happy, warm, loving LAPS! And here you will find friends. Lots of loving friends!

  43. Oh my cat you are one adorable little kitty and you just found yoursef a fabulous new home.. What a gorgeous little face, you are going to bring so much pleasure.. GJ x

  44. All right! Didn’t take long for another kitteh to sneak into your life.

    If you want something off the wall for a name, ‘Gold Foot’ or ‘Gold (or Golden) Toe’ occurred to us.


  45. The Lady just squee’d “oooh, baby fluffums!” We don’t think she was actually suggesting Baby Fluffums as a name though. Just one of those silly things humans say when seeing an adorable baby. Welcome home, little furry angel.

  46. Aww so cute and adorable. Welcome Teenie Tortie Terror.

  47. Such good mews, for both you and her Tortiness! She has a blaze on her face just like our Kiki and just about as much spunk! We are glad you were ‘there for her’ and she for you!

  48. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Goodie, goodie, goodie!

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