Posted by: katemrdixon | October 7, 2010

First V-e-t Visit

Dora had a lot of “firsts” this evening.  First trip in an Evil Cat Carrier, first trip in a car, and first visit to the v-e-t.  She only knew the Evil Cat Carrier as a kitty bed…

…so she was rather astonished when a door was suddenly closed on her and she found herself being carried and put in the car.  She is a very quiet kitty so far – occasionally she lets out a tiny squeak, but she is not very vocal, although she does PURR there is not much mewing.   She was very quiet in the car although she still looked like she was thinking “where the heck are we going?” The Loud Australian V-e-t was very pleased to make her acquaintance.   We had a chat about Eric.  He didn’t see Eric at the end because Eric went to the vet at the cattery where he was staying when he became ill.  Dora was pronounced a very healthy kitten.  She was given her first injection (she squeaked a bit when the needle went in, but otherwise was as good as gold). She gets the next one in three weeks.  We picked up her flea and worm prevention meds too.  She weighs 1.1 kg (2.4 lb, for Mericky readers).  I swear she’s grown noticeably in the five days since she’s been here!  She has developed a liking for chewing things (John’s shoelaces have suffered).  Anyway, here are a few more cute kitten pictures to keep you going!


  1. So cute!!! They grow up so fast!!

  2. What a dear she is. We do know–sometimes the Woman is certain that Ichiro is a bigger cat when she comes home in the afternoon than when she left in the morning.


  3. Such a cutie and I’m so glad to hear that she is a healthy little girl!

  4. Dora is adorable! So glad to hear that she is healthy.

  5. We’re glad Dora checked out okay at the v-e-t! She just gets cuter and cuter!!

  6. I just chirp and sqeak too Miss Kate. Purr like crazy. The only time mum has heard me meow was in the carrier going to the kittie spa.

    Dora is such a cutie, we all love her.


  7. What a beautiful girl! Mum and Grandma are fainting from all the cuteness.
    We’re glad she’s healthy and can’t wait to hear about more of her adventures.
    Does she like the Scratchy Mouse?

  8. We are very jealous of this little ball of floof. Mum squees and squees with each picture.

  9. Oh what a little beauty she is!!! So glad she is ok and we love her pictures!!
    Your TX furiends,

  10. […] Check out aDORAble Dora’s first vet visit. […]

  11. She is aDORAbul! Glad she’s healthy, she sure is purrty.

  12. We’re glad Dora’s first Vet appt went well. She’s a pretty little kitty!

  13. She is just the cutest little thing!! So glad her trip to the v-e-t went well.

  14. We’re glad Dora is settling in nicely and is healthy. We’re hoping she will visit her Devon grandma one day soon … so mom and dad can meet her.

  15. We are very glad that Dora’s first vet visit went well. It must have been a shock when her bed transformed into a PTU. She is a pretty little girl.

  16. We are delighted that everything was well at the vets. She was a good girl in the carrier and in the car – maybe you can pass on tips to us then Dora as we are deafening according to our mum!!
    We love all the pictures of her and she looks to be a bundle of fun.

  17. Adorable Dora! We’re glad your first v-e-t visit went well and that you were a good girl. That deserves extra treats or cuddles!

  18. Hooray for a clean bill of health! I am looking forward to watching Dora grow up.

  19. That was a big day for you Dora! First killing spider then the vet visit. Very glad you are such a healthy kitten as there will be many spiders that need your attention.

    Whicky Wuudler

  20. oh Dora, you are just precious!!!!

  21. *cuddles* and *cuddles* and *cuddles* to you, little dora, from meower mom!

  22. We just love that everyone is saying she’s aDORAble! So true.

    She is such a cutie pie, and you do need to take lots of pictures because she is growing bigger every single day and we want to see every bit of it because it makes us purrr!

  23. What a cutie! Glad her check up was without incident and she was deemed healthy!!

  24. We’re so happy she is healthy! She is just a beautiful little girl!! So so so cute. What I wouldn’t give for a quiet kitty…. my talker wears me out sometimes!

  25. They grow astonishingly fast!
    Can’t say it enough…she is SO CUTE!
    We thought for awhile Scout was a mute because he never made a sound. At 5, he still doesn’t “talk”” much, still a tiny “mew” now & then when he sees something out the window he really wants. But he purrs like crazy!
    Can’t wait to do more exploring with Dora!

  26. Oh look at what a cutie she is! And isn’t it true how fast they grow – I still can’t believe it, even after having had so many. And of course it is fun to have a cat that can be chatty, but beleive me in the middle of the night when they decide to “sing” I wouldn’t mind having a less chatty kitty.

    And our boy Virgil is a squeaker – not so much when he was little, but now as an adult it is all the time – maybe she will be more like that. He didn’t really start to be a big meower until he was like 2 years old – sure he would meow but he was more a squeaker, but in the past few months he is much more vocal – like he realized he has a big voice.

  27. So the teeny tortoiseshell terror is actually quiet. And well-behaved when she wants to be. Glad she’s healthy.

  28. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ouch Meowm! We think you just injured our eardrums.

    Dora sure is a cutie!! We are very glad Eric sent her to you!

  29. Adorable!!!!!

    Glad U got a good report from the vet.

  30. What a little trooper about the whole vet visit! We bet she’s planning some major destruction as revenge…perhaps the drapes?
    Dora is swe’re very happy you are blogging again.

    XX Katnip Lounge

  31. Oh teeny tiny Miss Dora
    YOU are just so adorable, and we are so glad your first Vet visit was so easy. It sounds like you don’t mind riding in the car, so that is good.


  32. yippeeeee! little dora is healthy and happy too! she is certainly going to be a looker! what beautiful markings.


  33. Glad to hear Dora is a healthy kittie. We hope to watch her grow into a healthy, happy (dare we say ‘spoilt’) cat.

    Radcliff was kinda the same way. Most of the time, his purrr was louder than his meow. Then one time he got locked outside accidently — he let everyone know he needed attention NOW.

  34. Nice to meet you Dora! I’ll make sure to stop by often and visit!


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