Posted by: katemrdixon | October 10, 2010

Lap Kitten

Dora is 11 weeks old today.  She is training to be a lap cat.

After a strenuous playtime she is quite happy to jump on the nearest human and snuggle up for a snooze.

She is already very good at making herself very looooong on my legs.

Maybe she is related to Mr. Tenzing Longkitten??



  1. We can see she is very happy in her new home. She looks bigger already.

  2. ..and one and two and STRETCH… 😉

  3. We love Love LOVE her! That golden paw is just irresistible.

  4. Oh you are so cute!!! I think you’d love playing with Ichiro. Perhaps I should mail him to you…


  5. Little Dora is such a cutie!

  6. Haha! Looks like she doesn’t need any more training!! She’s a pro!!

  7. Dora we are so glad you are so happy and secure in your new home!
    Have you suggested to your new Mum a good name for your blog yet?? Or are you too busy eating and growing for now?

  8. hehe! Guess what, I think your mom is no longer “between cats”! I think it’s time you got a blog named after you sweet Dora!

  9. Dora reminds Momma of Meeko when she wuz tiny and ferst came to live wif Momma!! Meeko wuz 1.8lbs!

    Dora looks like a furry sweet and HAPPY little girl!
    ~Meeko & Kiara

  10. Awwwww … we can see she is settling in nicely.

  11. How about calling the blog: Dora’s Diary

  12. Oh, adorable Dora! Our mom would like to smooch and cuddle you to pieces!

  13. Dora is such a cute girl – we think she has her paws under the table already and will be spoiled rotten (as of course she deserves).
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  14. Oh my! She looks rather like Mister Kitten aka Flop Cat!! Just make sure she doesn’t get as big as he is! We even tried putting him on a diet and he *still* weighed 20#!! I believe she will make a Most Excellent Lap Cat.

  15. Oh it is so great that Dora is getting so settled in and comfortable! She is such a cutie and she is lucky to have a wonderful mom with a wonderful lap!

  16. Oh how adorable . I just love this little one. How long she looks all stretched out.. Hugs GJx

  17. Dora you are just so sweet. We could give you kitty kisses all day.


  18. Hi Dora and Kate!

    We’re so glad you stopped by to see what is coming your way. We never got to meet Fat Eric but we hope to get to know Dora well. She’s a cutie!! Looks like she just melted into your lap!

  19. Miss Kate I have a question for you. I know little Dora is still a kitten, but I am falling in love with her.

    When she gets old enough, I would like her to be my girlfriendcat. With you purrmission of course.

    Your little ginger furiend.


  20. I am in love with that tiny blonde footie…oh heck, I love the whole kitten!

  21. Dora, you’ve sure got the longkitten technique mastered! Gracie learned that very young, too. She thinks she’s got da boyz fooled into thinking she’s a big cat! Ha!

  22. Oh goodness,
    We just came back to read more comments and saw Ducky’s proposal!!!
    Dora, the mancats are clamoring after you already, and no wonder! The blogosphere mom’s & mum’s are too. Ours just wants to pick you up & hold you all day!

  23. aDORAble!

  24. Oh my goodness Dora is aDORAble…I suppose someone else has already come up with that, haven’t read all the entries 🙂

    I’m so glad you have a cat in your life again and I know little Dora will have a wonderful, loving with you!

  25. Dora looks very happy!

  26. Cute little Dora.

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