Posted by: katemrdixon | October 14, 2010

Things Dora Has Been Doing This Week…

…trying to get on the dinner table during dinner because the people’s food smells so delicious (NO, DORA!  DOWN!)

…trying to climb up my leg while I am preparing dinner so she can get a good view of the food on the counter (NO, DORA!  DOWN!)

…helping to sort socks on the bed (DORA!  WHERE’S THE OTHER ONE OF THESE SOCKS???)

…making sure everyone knows the blue chair is now HERS (DORA!  MOVE OVER!) (although she is quite prepared to share it with a human who will provide a warm lap)

…finding a new use for an empty tissue box (humans in hysterical fits of laughter)


  1. ROFLOLASTC!! Dora is soooo sweet!!

  2. Dora sure is getting the hang of things pretty quickly!

  3. Dora you is just a curious little kittie. Maybe you can find a safe place in the kitchen to watch your mum cook. That is what I do.



  4. Kittens are so much fun aren’t they?

  5. Heh. Buddah used to climb the Woman like she was a tree when he was a kitten, too. I miss seeing that, she shrieked so nicely…

  6. Ah to have a kitten again!!

  7. Ah, the life of a kitten…I bet those pix all happened within 10 minutes of each other!
    MomKat Trish

  8. Well, her house seems a lot like ours. An since we like yur house, we like yours.

    But I love the tissue box game. I have to admit that I paw DOWN into it through the top, but I like your idea better. I’ll start werkin on that.


  9. That empty tissue box fits her perfectly!

  10. Dora likes socks!!!! What a brilliant kitten!

  11. How lovely they are when there is so much to explore and discover.

  12. MOL! Dora is VERY cute! That tissue box pic made us larf owt loud!

  13. Millie sent me over to take a look. Congratulations on your new furchild! She’s absolutely adorable!

    The best cure for a broken heart is to learn to love again. (((hugs)))

  14. Dora you are such a cutie! And you sound a lot like all of us when we were little like you! Don’t worry though Dora – you will learn (and by learn of course we mean learn how to get on the table, learn how to get on the counter – they just take practice!)

  15. The life of a kitten! Everything is a toy!

  16. Dora – you is PAWSOME!

  17. All good kitten fun!

  18. Dora
    what can we say?
    you are just too adorable not to love!

  19. We love the Dora in the tissue box picture.

  20. Kittens are just so much fun!

  21. hello little dora!!

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