Posted by: katemrdixon | October 19, 2010

Dora and her humans

Dora the Explorer likes to sit on laps…

…and wrap herself around a hand…

…and sit on a shoulder…

…and cuddle an arm…

…she really likes to be around her people!


  1. She is an affectionate little sweetie. We love her big ear tufts.

  2. Oh, precious, heart-melting Dora…If you were here with our mom she’d never let you go! 🙂

    That last photo, especially, is wonderful. And oh yes, such long ear tufts!

  3. She’s made herself quite at home!!

  4. She is such a cute little snuggles fur sure!

  5. Oh what a sweetie. Would you like me to send her Ichiro to keep her company. I am happy to share him.

  6. Something more we have in common Miss Dora!


  7. Who can resist that sweet cutie pie!

  8. She is utterly adorable. I think I am a little jealous.

  9. Dora, you are such a welcome addition to the CB…sharing your kitten cuteness with the world!

  10. Such a tiny snugglepuss! It’s amazing how so much love is in such a small being.

  11. She is SO cute! And SOOOOOO tiny too!

  12. Squeeeeeeee!
    How much more adorable can she get!!!!!!

  13. Dora you are such a sweet little girl!

  14. That stripey-stripe down her snoot is adorable. It seems Miss Dora has conquered!

  15. I am ready to jump and down off the table any time. Mum can tell when I have chased through the room as the rugs are all smooshed up and out place.

    Let’s go, play chase!


  16. Thanks for the Purrthday wishes. It is taking me forever to get around and thank everyone for stopping by.

    I see Ducky has been by to play some too. That is OK, I needed my rest after the party.


  17. Such a little sweetie!

  18. We love the last close-up photo of Dora. Such a sweetie.

    Mindy, Moe, BonBon, Cookie & Mike

  19. What a little doll face!

  20. We are happy to see that you have a new kitty in your life to help ease your grief. Little Dora reminds us of our Caramel! Caramel and her sister Cookie were our first attempt at fostering kittens for an animal rescue group in our area.

    We love the photos of Dora – and you are so correct that it is hard to photograph kittens because they move so quickly! We look forward to reading more about your adventures with Dora.

    Happy Halloween!

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

  21. Our Teri says we think of humans as warm-blooded furniture, hahameow!

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