Posted by: katemrdixon | November 2, 2010

Dora the Psycho Kitten?

Sorry for the lack of Dora updates and pictures recently.  I went away for a few days to France with my sister (Dora’s Cornish Auntie) – we went “Sur le pont, d’Avignon” and nearly got blown off it in a howling gale into the River Rhone, but that’s another story…  Meanwhile, Dora was left in charge of John and was a Very Bad Kitten, according to his story, running riot and putting the bitey on him at regular intervals.  She has calmed down a bit now!

When I got back from France,  I thought she had definitely grown bigger!  She has had her second trip to the v-e-t for kitten injections, and had put on 200g between the first visit and the second visit.  She now weighs almost 3 pounds.  She seems a bit puzzled that it’s not as easy to squeeze through her tissue-box tunnel as it used to be a few weeks ago.  So we bought her a bigger tunnel to play with.  She seems to like it!

Dora also enjoyed having her Cornish Auntie staying with us.  She is usually not allowed in the spare room so she was very excited to have someone actually sleeping in it.  She enjoyed visiting Cornish Auntie first thing in the morning and whizzing around the bedroom bouncing off the furniture.  But she also enjoyed snuggling on her Cornish Auntie’s lap.

We have had to do some more kitten-proofing in the living-room, as Dora is now able to jump and climb higher.  She has found out that she can now jump from the arm of a chair on to the stereo (forbidden!), jump from there to walk along the mantelpiece and knock things off (also forbidden!), then from there walk along a bookshelf and jump on top of the TV.   It’s only a matter of time before she finds out how to get on to the shelf where John’s model aeroplanes live…

More kitten training is needed…  She is a very happy kitten and enjoys playing with her toys and practising her new climbing skills (and eating), although she does have bouts of being Crazed Psycho Kitten.  Check out those mad staring eyes…  🙂


  1. Not only has she grown, she got even more cute I think!

  2. Oh such a cutie you are! Ichiro likes to put the bitey on everyone too. It is a kitten thing.

  3. Little Dora sounds like a typical kitten tornado! I remember my stripey boy Max when he was a tot bit the top off a cactus. Didn’t faze him for a second.
    Have fun cuz it won’t last forever…take lots of pictures!

  4. A tortureshell in training! MOL

  5. It was a real surprise when I came to live with Mom. I could jump anywhere! Gizzy and Jasmine were geezer senior cats at that time and didn’t jump or run around. Mom says she feels your pain.

  6. Cutie-pie Dora needs another kitten to play with to keep her out of trouble. Heh heh.

  7. Dora is just the cutest little baby!!!!!

  8. She gets cuter and cuter!!! Mom says she forgot what it’s like to have a kitten!! They can be a handful!!

  9. Kittens have so much energy! But they are awfully entertaining to watch – as long as you’re not the one having to clean up behind them. 🙂

  10. goodness; it sounds like she would even wear out igmu. (although lately HE has been rioting through the house, bouncing off walls and even the dog!!) how happy we meowers are to watch her progress! *headbonks*

  11. We enjoy seeing Dora grow and find new places to explore – it is such an exciting life when you are little so much to see and do.

  12. Don’t worry, Dora, we don’t believe a word of any of those stories your mum is telling about you! You are the cutest!

  13. Oh Dora just tell your Mom you’re enjoying your kittenhood.



  14. Dora, you are just one adorable little ball of energy! 🙂

  15. Hi my sweetie Dora. Sorry your mum doesn’t like you jumping places. You can come to my house, my mum lets us jump all over the place as our place is kittie proofed.


  16. Oh my! She is cute and cheeky! There’s no such word as “forbidden” with a kitten in the house ~ they think they can do anything, and usually do! LOL!
    I remember Milo going through that biting stage ~ he was a right pest! Alfie was much more gentle from the get-go!


  17. Scout did the bitey thing too. She’s teething. I’ll never forget the day I found a teeny tiny baby fang on the carpet. Hard to imagine that little thing hurt so badly when applied to skin!!

    She is doing her growings well! Remember these days….as you know they are gone in the blink of an eye.

  18. Wow, Dora! You ARE related to me!!! The Longkitten/GetoutoftheTREEEEEEEEEEE clan is wide-spread! You should come over to my place and I’ll show you how to climb my TREEEEEEEEEE!!! And make the Mom-Lady holler!

  19. Thank you for your kind words about Lucy – we’ll let you know when there is some news.

  20. We love watchin’ her grow…and not having siblings who train siblings how hard to bite and what is socially acceptable is tough. We are happy that our little Fifi had Spot and Dot to educate here (and she will miss them big time–our Teri is delivering them to their new home this weekend.

  21. Awwwwww!!!! Look how much she has grown!! Dora sure fits her name! Exploring everything!!
    Your TX furiends,

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