Posted by: katemrdixon | November 8, 2010

Dora, Washing Machines and Evil Cat Beds

Dora has been very busy growing and snoopervising.  She is particularly intrigued by the washing machine.  When it is on, she likes to watch the clothes go round and round…

…and has tried to get closer to investigate exactly how this thing works….(this picture was taken 2 weeks later, so you can see she has grown!)

After a hard session of snoopervising, she likes to nap.  Sometimes she likes to nap in what used to be Eric’s Evil Cat Carrier, which is now cunningly disguised as a cat bed (We have started calling it the Evil Cat Bed!)  Despite the fact that Dora has now made two trips to the v-e-t inside it, she obviously still sees it primarily as a cat bed.  Sometimes she likes to nap inside…

…but she mainly likes to snooze on top of it, since there is a comfy fleece to lie on and it is next to the nice warm radiator.

It has just started to get cold round here, as autumn slides into winter, so who can blame her?


  1. She is growing so fast! It is so amazing how quickly they grow and change at that age!

  2. Momma keeps owr carriers accsessable to us too. Meeko ax-shully spent the whole day today napping in one of them. (We’ve gots egg crate foam in there). Momma did itso that when the “M” werd is implemented, we’s not so scared of owr carriers.

    Dora is furry cute!!! Momma just wants to snuggle her!
    ~Meeko & Kiara

  3. Dora is so cute! Mom says to make sure you get lots of pictures since she’ll be full grown in the blink of an eye. Mom says she could have taken 100 pictures a day of me and it still wouldn’t have been enough.

    Enjoy every minute of your kittenhood Dora!

  4. Such a cutie Dora! I sure hope you figure out that go-round machine!!!

  5. What a sweet young lady she is turning into.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  6. Wow, you can see in the washing machine, I can only hear mine and lay on it while it is moving around. I prefer the dryer though. Check my blog tomorrow night, I’ll have a post about the dryer.


  7. Dora is aDORAble!! We like her watching the washing machine!

  8. Dora,

    Make sure your humans take LOTS of pictures and LOTS of video of you. You kittens grow up REALLY, REALLY fast. And pictures don’t do you justice – they just can’t capture the essence of kittenhood. Besides, you’ll NEED to look back on those pictures someday when you get introuble someday and need to remind them just how small and cute you were 🙂


    Make sure the humans include themselves in some of those pictures and video. And I mean their FACES, not just their arms/legs/laps. For some reason, these humans seldom include themselves in their pics of us. Then many years later, when we’re sick or gone, they regret they don’t have more pictures/videos of themself WITH us, doing our favorite things. (How about videoing a game of laser tag or feather-duster? Or how about dinner time? With 3 dogs and 4 cats, that’s amazingly well-behaved at our house!).

    For some reason, humans are really worried about their personal appearance on camera. With digital cameras, personal appearance shouldn’t be an excuse not to be in pictures! Film no longer goes out for developing, so no one has to see your human looking less than their best! Tell them to get over themselves and TAKE THOSE PICS and MAKE THAT FILM! That way you’ll both have lasting memories. Besides, in 10 or 15 years, you’ll both be amazed at how great you look now!

    PS – Make sure your human DATES and CAPTIONS the pictures and video 🙂 Especially if they “specialize”. For some reason I don’t understand, my human mommy likes black cats and has had FIVE of them in the last 20 years (including me). This means she has like a quad-jillion pictures of black cats, all taken in the same living room, on the same furniture, with few other clues as to which black cat she’s looking at (I can tell, but I’m not talking).

    But hey, she got lucky – she lost some of her early digital pictures because daddy didn’t initially backup her pictures directory (he doesn’t forget to do that anymore)! So, oh yeah, don’t forget to make sure your human backs up the picture directory. Otherwise, you might learn some language a young, innocent kitten like yourself should NEVER learn.

    Dora – you are one of the most beautiful long-haired torties I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. (Hey, I may be old enough to be your grand-kitty, but I can look!)

    Now, I think I’ll go ask daddy to take my advice and take some pics of mommy asleep on the bed with all the cats and dogs!

    Former Feral
    Now Spoiled Rotten KING of The Wilson Zoo

  9. We like the noo blog header pic! And it nice to thik that Eric’s things are gonna be usedd by Dora ~ it’s sort of comforting.

  10. Darling Dora, you are getting so big! Be careful with the washing machine, sweetie. Misses Peach was snuggled in the sheets (matched the colour of her fur) and ended up in theirs, but their mom spied her in time, thank goodness.

    BTW, the new header graphic is pawsome!

  11. What an adorable little tortie kitten! Dora is an angel!

  12. She is so cute!

    Luf, Us

  13. What a great idea. Is it possible that Dora has grown more beautiful?

  14. Dora we swear you are prettier each time we visit you. We hope you mum did the washing to your exacting standards – if not she’ll have to expect a smacky paw or two!!
    Note to mum – how clever to disguise the evil carrier as a bed – wish I’d thought of it but think it’s too late now!

  15. Dora you have the sweetest face. I imagine your Mum and Dad are running the entire house according to your precise instructions. Make the most of it, being a kitten doesn’t last forever.

  16. My Dora, you are growing so fast! Our washy thing is in the dungeon, neither Derby or I sit and watch it.

    Mum has always left our carriers out, that way we aren’t scared of them. Derby goes right when he has to go somewhere. He isn’t happy while going or getting there, but he still goes right in.

  17. You are just too cute for words!!! Silly little kitten! Soon you will know the evils of that “cat bed”. MOL!

  18. Snoopervising a house is hard work, little one!
    Looks like you are doing a great job!
    You are so precious and tiny mom just wishes she could hold you and feel your little bones and hold your tiny paws & scritch your perky ears!

  19. Oh Miss Dora, you have grown some, but you’re still a teeny tiny girl! But so darn cute!!! The little gold streaks throughout your fur are just beautiful.

    Your friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

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