Posted by: katemrdixon | November 20, 2010

Goodbye to two more friends.

So sad to say goodbye to two more beautiful cat friends.  Patches and the other Big Piney Woods cats were some of the first friends Fat Eric met in the blogosphere, a long time ago.  And lovely Inigo was far too young to go to the Bridge yet.  We are so sad for their families today.


  1. We are sad that Patches and Inigo went to the Bridge. We will miss them very much.

  2. We are also sad to see both of these wonderful kitties leave us all too soon.


  3. We are very sad to lose two more good friends.

  4. Yes indeed, we’ve been so sad all day.

  5. A sad time indeed. We feel happy to have known them.

  6. It’s a furry sad weekend. 😦

  7. We have felt very sad about Inigo and Patches – it seems a very sad time on the CB.

  8. It seems to get harder to keep saying good-bye to friends online. We are sad for Patches’ and Inigo’s families.

  9. We are so sad to hear of Patches passing.
    They are dear friends out there in the Big Piney Woods.

  10. Thank you for posting Lady Patches photo. She would be so honored if she knew how many people loved her. Dora is a doll!

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