Posted by: katemrdixon | November 22, 2010

Bad kitten, bad kitten, whatcha gonna do?

Dora has had a busy week.

She has found out how to get on to the kitchen counter by jumping off the kitchen bin.  This is not good, especially since the kitchen counter has dangerous stuff on it such as kettles.  We tried Cornish Grandma’s suggestion of putting a row of plastic cups on the edge of the counter so that when Dora jumped up they would clatter to the floor and scare her with the noise.  This worked twice.  The third time Dora decided the noise was not scary enough to stop her from climbing over them and exploring the exciting possibilities of the kitchen counter.

She has also discovered how to climb through the bannisters on to the top of the kitchen door and walk along the top of the door or jump on people walking below.  This has also led to a lot of shrieking and angst.  She has also been trying to climb on the top of the living-room door but hasn’t managed it yet.

She knows no fear!

Of course, to look at this picture you would think butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth…

And in between raising hell she manages to get in her beauty sleep…

Oh yes, and she has also developed a liking for killing camera straps…something she has in common with another well-known tortie, KC!

What will Dora learn next??


  1. You must have TWO kittens. No way Dora could be that naughty! She’s too sweet.

    Have you tried wide masking tape or contact paper sticky side up on the counter’s edge? This helped us with our “refrigerator surfers”.

    Kisses to your sweet girl!

  2. The mom was going to write double-sided sticky tape but see Katnip Lounge already has suggested it. Our mom used it on our couch, when she first adopted Annie, until Annie learned to use the scratching post.

    We also don’t think Dora could possibly be “bad” at all –she’s too precious. 😉

    P.S. Having 2 kittens to occupy each other usually helps. Heh heh. Okay, it’s supposed to help, the theory being they play with each other. Yeah, it’s all good…in theory!

  3. She certainly is fearless. A true tortie!

  4. Mister Kitten mopes: “I tried doing that. Da Boys told me it wouldn’t work. I thought they were funning me until mom starting squirting me with water, saying bad cat!, picking me up by the scruff of the neck, and tossing me down on the floor. Her other method (when I tried hiding the water sprayer) was to clap her hands (wow that was LOUD!) and saying tu das nicht!!! I’m not sure what language that is but boy does it work!! We know that when mom starts using it, she means business!! Dora?? You’d better start behaving!! Or your feeders might get a water sprayer!!

  5. Dora, little sweetie. What tortitude you have! I know mum gave up trying to keep Derby off the kitchen counters, so we have free range, but mum is careful if the cooktop is hot.

    Neither of us go to the top of the doors. Mum would freak if we jumped down on her. hehe.

    Try to be a little good, don’t make your beans too mad at you. You can teleport over here to play if you wants.


  6. Dora is like my Simon. He does counters, the breakfast bar, the banister going downstairs, the top of the fridge onto the top of the kitchen cabinets. And Sabrina even gets on the breakfast bar! Nothing here has helped, so we have learned to live with it and laugh at it! I am just really careful when we use the stove since it is a ceramic top … I put things over the hot burner so goofball Simon won’t step on it and burn his feet.
    Give Dora hugs from us!
    Momma Jan (and Sabrina, Sam and Simon too)

  7. Dora, you are definitely a Tortie! Luckily for my mom, I’m a Persian, and we don’t jump and climb on things so mom hasn’t had that problem with me. I used to like to sleep on the kitchen table, but I’m much older now and don’t even do that anymore.

  8. Haha! Mom says she forgot how much trouble a kitten can get into!! Dora, you sure keep your mom hopping!!

  9. Dora, if you run out of ideas we have lots of things we can teach you that will make your mom…uh…not very happy with us!

  10. Awwwwww … it’s all part of growing up! MOL! We are so glad Dora is enjoying life.

  11. Oh dear it seems that the little sweet Dora is having a ball. The lovely sweet face says ” what me ” MOL but I bet she has you all wrapped around her paw.. Hugs GJ x

  12. hahaha!! Good job, Miss Dora! Oh, and it’s posts like this that remind my mom that she will only adopt adult cats from now on! hahaha!!

    Your friend, Fuzzy

  13. Oh, sweet little Dora, you are quite the explorer! How quickly our mums forget what it’s like to live with a kitten. MOL!

  14. We love the jumping a shrieking part!
    Up high is really cool isn’t it???!!!

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