Posted by: katemrdixon | November 25, 2010

Dora At Four Months

Dora is four months old today.  She has grown quite a bit but she is still pretty kittenish.  She has been wrecking more kitten mayhem around the house.  This week she learned how, having climbed up on the kitchen counter, to do a flying leap across to the opposite counter and the cooker top.  She has also learned how to open doors which are just slightly ajar by hooking her paw (the one with the golden toe) around the edge of the door and jiggling the door gradually open.  She also nearly came to grief whilst walking on the top of the kitchen door – she slipped, and was squeaking alarm whilst dangling by her front paws from the top of the door and pedalling her back paws in thin air.  Luckily I was just nearby and was able to pluck her to safety!  Dora has also developed an unhealthy fascination with watching people take baths and showers.  As soon as the taps go on, she realises there’s about to be a show and takes up her viewing position on top of the toilet cistern, eyes wide with excitement!

Yesterday the boiler engineer came round to service our central heating boiler.  Dora was fully involved in the process, sitting by the plumber’s leg and watching his every move very closely.  He said he didn’t mind!  (and commented on her tufty ears!)

She is not always a Bad Kitten.  She has finally given up trying to get on to the dinner table, and I’m not sporting scratches and bitemarks on my hands for a change.

It is getting cold here.  We are forecast to have some snow over the next few days here in London.  Northern parts of Britain have already got it.  Dora hasn’t experienced winter before but she doesn’t like getting cold.  She is very keen to snuggle up to someone warm when it’s chilly.  Hope all our friends are keeping warm too!


  1. Dora, you’re absolutely irresistible. You could snuggle up with our mom any time, sweetie pie! You couldn’t possibly get into more mischief than our Nicki. We hope.

  2. You look way too cute little Dora!

  3. Dora is quite the character, isn’t she?? And quite the cutie too!!

  4. What a cutie pie you are, Dora! Happy 4-month birthday!

  5. The top of the door? WOW! Milo is VERY impressed. He does that too ~ but he didn’t do it at just 4 months old!!!!

    Happy 4 month birthday sweet Dora.

  6. Happy 4 months Dora. She is certainly very adventurous. Mum tells us we were little terrors too, but we can’t believe that would be true.

  7. Very impressive. I get into plenty of trouble but you take it to a whole new level.

  8. Ahhh Dora you are learning so much!
    We love to read of your growings and adventures!
    Glad mum was handy to rescue you from the door and how cute you must have been helping the repair man.
    Scout used to like to watch the boy take baths when he lived here, but he said it “creeped him out” too much and wouldn’t let him in anymore.

  9. Hannah and Lucy give any repair man entering their home a good looking over and check that everything is just so when they leave – it must be a girl thing as none of my mancats were the least bit interested!! Kittens and young adult cats are so interested in everything.

  10. A naughty/curious kitten is a healthy kitten. It’s a good sign.

  11. Aw 4 months is a good age! Enjoy it while you can – my youngest 2 are 9 months now and I wish I had gotten more time with them at the more kittenish stage!!

  12. ah, little dora, how happy we are to know that you haff a good, warm house an’ lap, as well as oodles of love!!

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