Posted by: katemrdixon | November 30, 2010

Dora’s First Snow

Dora enjoyed watching the snowflakes fall past the window this morning.  She was lucky, she got to spend the day in the cosy house whilst I had to go out in the arctic wind and slither across snowy, icy pavements to get to school.

In honour of Tortie Tuesday, here’s a gratuitous picture of tortie toes and a tail!

Please send some purrs to Dora’s Cornish Grandma (my mum), who fell over on an icy road in Cornwall today and broke her wrist.  Looks like she’ll be in a cast for Christmas!

We are also purring for Rudy, Parker’s brother and famous Orange Menace.  He is poorly and is at the v-e-t’s refusing to eat.  We love Rudy, especially since he is a floofy ginger and white boy like our gorgeous Fat Eric.  Get well soon, Rudy!


  1. Dora, indoors definitely is better when it’s nothing but snow and ice outside. That’s quite the toes and tail shot, btw! 😀

    We’re purring hard for Rudy, crossing our paws he will be well.

  2. We are purring hard for Rudy too. He is an old friend and we want him to feel good! We love Dora’s adorable little torti toesies!

  3. Watching snowflakes from the inside is better than being out with them Dora. They are very cold. We don’t have any snow but it is very cold.
    We are sending purrs for Cornish Grandma and hope her wrist mends well. We are sending purrs to Rudy too.

  4. Dora, you are absolutely aDorable. We too are concerned about Rudy, and sending him lots of purrs. I am also sending purrs to your human’s mum, and hope that she heals quickly.

  5. Hi Dora! Wow that had to be exciting to see your first snow! We haven’t had one here yet so Gus and Stella haven’t gotten to see it yet – but we can’t wait to see their reaction!

    And we are sending big purrs and get well prayers to your grandma for her wrist to heal quickly. We know that is no fun but we are glad it wasn’t anything worse – ice falls can be very dangerous!

    And we have been to Parkers to send lots of purrs to Rudy – we hope he just decides to eat again and feels better very soon!

  6. Aw, Dora…those are some sweet toesies you gots!!

    We are purring very hard for Rudy. We hope he will be okay.

  7. We had a few snowy flakes today too. Just mostly blowing around. Hi sweetie Dora! We haven’t been over to visit Rudy today. Very behind.

  8. Poor Cornish Auntie! We send big purrs to her…heal up quickly, please! We’re purring for Rudy and his family as well.

    Dora is so cute, did she chitter at the snowflakes?

    • No chittering. She is not very vocal generally. No miaowing, just the occasional squeak when she is very concerned about something (i.e. locked out of bedroom!) or someone steps on her!

  9. Cute toes and tail Dora!!! Purrrs to your Cornish Auntie and lots of purrrs for Rudy, too!!
    ((((HUGGGGSSSS))))))) from your TX furiends,

  10. Love the cat pics! (You can see pics of my kitten Fluffy at the bottom of my picture page on my blog.) And I hope the Cornish Grandma makes a speedy recovery!


  11. We are sending love and purrs for Dora’s Cornish Grandma ~ wot an awful thing to happen to her.

    And we will be purring for Rudy ‘cos we love him.

  12. Dora is gorgeous.. Snding lots of hugs for grandma and hope she is not in too much pain. I didnt know Rudy was ill I wil go across there now.. Hugs GJ x

  13. Something new everyday for Dora!
    We just read in our newspaper today about a therapy guinea pig named Dora!
    He’s very gentle and is trained so he will sit quietly with children and let them read to him.

    Purrs to Cornish Grandma!

  14. Dora is just so cute!!! Love the pictures!

  15. Dora is growing up! She is just so very beautiful!

  16. Hi Dora and Mum (((hugs))) to you for the sweet thoughts and wishes for our Rudy Toots – we know that the good vibes and purrs and prayers are helping him get better!
    Smoochies to you!

  17. Dora is so so sweet. Didn’t she want to go in the snow? We did, it was frozie toesie cold. We’re purring really hard for Rudy!

    • Dora isn’t allowed out in the garden yet, so she just had to watch the snow through the window.

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