Posted by: katemrdixon | December 8, 2010

Dora and the Yellow Submarine

Our snow is gone, but it is still very cold here.  We have had over a week of cold and frosty weather.  Dora has enjoyed looking out at the frost but she likes to stay close to a radiator.  She’s too young to have seen winter before!

Luckily Dora has lots of toys to keep her amused indoors when it’s cold outside.  She has two feather toys which have had most of their feathers ripped off by now.  She also has lots of balls, a tunnel, an octopus and of course some cardboard boxes!  But Dora was lucky enough to receive a very special present in the post lately.  A few weeks ago this post appeared on the Casbah Kitten blog.  Maggy and Zoey from Zoolatry won a Yellow Submarine toy made by Casbah Kitten and they very kindly decided to donate it to Dora in memory of Fat Eric and his Yellow Submarine cushion.  Now the yellow submarine toy has arrived here, all the way from Mericky.  As you can see, Dora has been testing it out to make sure it is suitable for hard playing.

Yes, the Yellow Submarine toy was able to withstand the Tortie Terror!  Thank you, Zoolatry and everyone at Casbah Kitten!


  1. She loves her yellow submarine. Just right for bunny kicking practice.

  2. Oh how sweet!!

  3. Oh Dora that yellow submarine is just about the same size as you are!


  4. That is so cute!! The submarine is almost as big as Dora!!

  5. DORA! No one could love that little yellow submarine more than you do! Look at you cuddlin’ and playin’ with it… enjoy, enjoy!
    And Happy First Christmas to you…

  6. That yellow submarine is almost as big as Dora is – but clearly she can handle it!

  7. We all live in a yellow submarine
    Yellow Submarine
    Let’s all bunnykick a yellow submarine
    Yellow Submarine

    Sing it!

  8. Oh Dora–what a great toy you have!

  9. Cool toy! Enjoy playing with it.

  10. Awwwwwww!!!!! That is a great Toy and Dora sure is enjoying it!! My how fast she is growing up!!
    Happy Holidays from your TX furiends,

  11. It is lovely to see Dora having so much fun wiv that yellow submarine. And it reminds us of Eric ~ we miss him lots.

    We hope Cornish grandma is feeling better, and we are sending more healing purrs.

  12. Dora, we see you love your yellow submarine! What a cool toy, and so nice of Zoolatry to send it to you!

  13. I would say that toy passes the Dora test!

  14. What a lovely present from the Zoolatry girls – we can see that Dora is not going to let it out of her sight for a moment. We think you will be in the advanced “bunny Kicking” class next week Dora.

  15. Oh Little Missie Dora, lookit you kicking that toy! We’re so glad we got to see you having so much fun! We haven’t had any snow here in our part of Mericky – we think we might be the only ones, from the way the news people talk. It sure has been cold though – we’d prefer a radiator to the outdoors, too!

  16. Dora the adorable! She just is so cute!!! She is having a great time!

  17. oh how adorable!

  18. Dora sure does like that yellow submarine. Inside playing sure beats being outside in that cold weather.

  19. Oh Dora, you’re SO cute attacking your submarine!! We’re sure you’ll be able to explore lots of new and exciting places with your sub. Enjoy!!

    jane & Alice

  20. What a lovely thing for them to do!
    Have fun Dora!

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