Posted by: katemrdixon | December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas

A lot has happened since our last post.  Dora has been travelling on her first long journey.  Having never been out of North London in her little life, she has now travelled down to Devon to meet her Devon Grandma and then on to Cornwall to my sister’s house, where we are spending Christmas.  She was extremely good and quiet on the journey, not sleeping but watching the snowy scenery pass with big wide eyes.  Eric, who always ran when he saw the Evil Cat Carrier coming out, would have been appalled to witness a cat who not only voluntarily walks into the ECC at the start of the journey, but is happily using it as her sleeping place for several hours each day here! 

Dora enjoyed her overnight stay at Devon Grandma’s (where it was very snowy and we had to dig a path to the door…) and thankfully did not chew any wires or lay a paw on the Christmas tree, which was the first one she had ever seen.  She is being watched closely here in Cornwall to make sure that she doesn’t wreak too much havoc.  She has developed a fascination for the bathtub in my sister’s beautiful new bathroom and has been playing tub hockey for hours, chasing a pink ball round the tub.  She is also very interested in the views from the windows here, which are very different views from the “kitty TV” she has at home.  She opened one of her Christmas presents early on Christmas Eve, some jingly feathers on a string to replace the ones she recently destroyed at home, and she likes her present very much.  *jingle jingle jingle* 

Tomorrow is her first Christmas and also she will be 5 months old tomorrow.  She lost her first baby tooth yesterday – maybe if she puts it under her pillow there is a kitty equivalent of the Tooth Fairy who will bring treats??  It will be fun to watch her playing with her presents although we will be missing Fat Eric at Christmas too. 

I won’t be able to upload any of my “Dora’s Christmas travels” photos until we get back to London, but here are a couple of older ones – Dora helping with blogging.  Hope everyone has a great Christmas and that Santa brings feather toys, treats and catnip all round…

Dora likes helping on the computer…

But she says, stop typing now and pay attention to the kitty!  Happy Christmas!


  1. Happy Christmas to you! It’s great that Dora is such a good traveler and had a chance to visit with her Devon Grandma and her Cornish Auntie. I know you must miss dear Fat Eric especially at this time of year…but how wonderful that you were able to provide Dora the loving home she deserves! She looks like she’s full of that famous “tortitude.” Happy purrs from all of us,
    Sylvie, Louie, Fuzzy, Gingy, and Meowmy (Paula), too

  2. Happy Christmas little Dora! Have a wonderful rest of your travel season and enjoy your Devon and Cornish family!

  3. Happy Christmas little Dora and her Mum and Dad too. You are such a brave young tortie on your travels.

    & Gerry

  4. Oh…how fun to have new adventures! It softens the sadness a bit. And our Teri visited Cornwall once and has fond memories of her time there, too.

  5. Merry Christmas Dora and family. That is nice that you are a good travelling kittie. Have fun with your new toys.

  6. Dora, you sound like you are enjoying every minute of your first Christmas. We can hardly wait to see the pictures.



  7. We bet this first Christmas with Miss Dora will be very special indeed, even though you are surely missing Mr. Eric so very much. Merry Christmas to you all!

  8. You’re becoming quite the traveller, Dora!! We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!

  9. Dora’s peace must have made for a pleasant trip. Merry Christmas to you all!

  10. Hope you have a wonderful 1st Christmas, Dora!! A very Merry Christmas to your family also!!

  11. Happy Christmas, Dora and human!

  12. Merry Christmas to Dora, mum and dad and Devon Grandma and Cornish family.It is good that you like to travel, it means you will have exciting adventures.

  13. Merry Christmas to you and sweet Dora! We hope she leaves the Christmas tree intact!

  14. Merry Christmas Dora – how good you are travelling in your Cat Carrier so peacefully. We bet you will be spoilt all over Christmas and have many treats and presents.
    Wishing you and your family a happy holiday.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  15. Merry First Christmas, Miss Dora! We love reading about your exploits. Perhaps you will learn about the ECC as you get older…but we hope you continue to like to travel!
    Kissies to you and your family, The Katnip Lounge Kitties xxoo

  16. Merry Meowy First Christmas to Dora… and all good wishes for a wonderful holiday to her family.

  17. Oh we love reading about Dora’s first Christmas! We hope that you all had a very wonderful, fun, happy Christmas – and we can’t wait to see the pictures!

  18. Dora is so very cute!!!!!

  19. Wishing you & your family a very Happy New Year!!

  20. What an adventure for Dora! She loves to explore, she is well named indeed!

  21. Oh…how much fun and how enjoyable to be able to have Dora enjoyable holiday on the road. New experiences for the both of you!

  22. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

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