Posted by: katemrdixon | January 5, 2011

Dora’s Christmas Adventures, part 1

Sorry for the delay in wishing everyone a Happy New Year.  We were on our Christmas travels to Devon and Cornwall, then everyone had flu (the coughs are still lingering), and now Dora is feeling neglected because it’s back-to-work time and she is being left home alone to amuse herself while I’m trying to organise my class for the new term.

However, Dora has lots of pictures to share from all her recent adventures before and during Christmas.  First, the week before Christmas it was very cold in London and we had snow.  Usually if we get snow here, it is gone within a few days, but it was so cold that the snow hung around for several weeks.  Dora had never seen snow before.

She’s not supposed to be up on that counter sitting on the cake tins, but she thought it would be a good place to watch the birdies visiting the feeders in the snow.   Then she saw Leo outside in the snow…

Hey, Leo!  What are you doing out there in all that white stuff?  It looks like fun!  I want to play!  

Dora isn’t really allowed outside yet, but we wanted to see what she would make of the snow, so she was allowed a short exploring session under strict supervision…

Woah!  This white stuff is really cold and wet, Leo!

After about thirty seconds Dora decided she didn’t like sinking into cold, wet stuff and she ran back indoors to find a warm place next to the radiator.  Leo thinks he should be in our house next to the radiator too, but we keep having to remind him that he actually lives next door and they might not like it if we steal their cat (tempting though it is!)  Leo continued to play in the snow and watch the birdies, and there were lots of other pawprints in the snow where other intruder cats had visited, including this handsome black intruder cat we call Romeo.

During the snowy cold days, Dora spent lots of time in her cat bed  (which was once Eric’s Evil Cat Carrier, but she doesn’t know that.)  She doesn’t like to be disturbed when she is napping in it…

…but little did she know that she was about to take a long trip in the Evil Cat Carrier to go on her Christmas adventures!   More photos coming soon!


  1. The snow looks so pretty but we soon got fed up with it because it meant no walking in the fields. That is sweet that Dora and Leo are friends. We look forward to seeing Dora’s travels.

  2. PS Happy New Year to you.

  3. Dora looked like she was having a lotta fun with Leo!! We don’t like snow much ourselves.

  4. We don’t blame you for not wanting to play in the snow. Yeck, cold, wet!

  5. Dora is still at the age when everything is new to her, so no wonder she enjoyed playing in the snow with Leo! Me, I’m not so sure I would like it.

  6. Nice to see that Leo is as friendly with Dora as he was with Eric…and how nice that Dora had a chance to explore in the snow. We all think you’d be excused if you let Leo move into your house…that’s how two of the four of us found our forever homes!

  7. Awww .. it’s lovely to see Dora exploring her world and she looks so cute and comfy in the “evil” carrier.

  8. Dora, we love your new friend! We can tell how excited you were to meet him.

  9. We think you and Leo could have lots of fun and adventures together Dora – when it’s warmer of course!

  10. Oh Dora you were EVER the explorer this time. Wow I bet that snow was an experience!


  11. What a brave little explorer you are Dora, going out in the cold, wet snow!

  12. Oh my goodness, little Miss Dora looks so CUTE playing out in the snow! And she and Leo together, well, that was too much. Such sweetness!

  13. Dora it sounds like you had a really nice Christmas with your travels and all. I used to travel good when I was a kitten too but I haven’t traveled in a very long time except to go to the VET so I am not eager getting into the pet carrier like I used to. I had the same reaction about walking in the snow even though it’s been a long time since I have done that. It was cold and wet and I shook my paws. It’s better to sit in the warm house looking out at the snow.


  14. We are just now cat-ching up with visiting cuz Teri was busy helping with Brighton’s FunRaising Auction, and we are sure enjoying seeing how you spent the holidays!

  15. […] The photo of Dora peacefully sleeping in Eric’s Evil Cat Carrier brought a tear to my eye, but in a good way (Last photo in post). […]

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