Posted by: katemrdixon | January 12, 2011

Dora’s Christmas Adventures, part 2

It must have been a shock for Dora when she was put in the car for our long journey from London to Devon just before Christmas.  The only times she had been in the car before was to go to the v-e-t’s surgery, which is about five minutes’ drive from our house.  She started to get suspicious that something was happening when piles of luggage and bags of Christmas presents appeared in the hall, and she knew something strange was definitely going on when her food bowls, favourite toys and litter box got taken away to be put in the car.  Fat Eric used to spot these clues that travel was imminent and try to go into hiding before the Evil Cat Carrier appeared.  Dora is very curious so she wanted to poke her nose into all the luggage and, as soon as I started putting the door on the Evil Cat Carrier (aka her cat bed), she jumped inside VOLUNTARILY!  She spent most of the journey to Devon Grandma’s house (about four and a half hours) wide-eyed, looking out at the passing scenery, but as she is not much of a miaower, she wasn’t noisy, just a few squeaks now and then.

We only stayed one night with Devon Grandma before Christmas, as we were coming back there after spending Christmas at Cornish Auntie’s house (my sister).  So the next day, Dora again jumped into the Evil Cat Carrier voluntarily (!!) and we drove for another two hours to Cornish Auntie’s, where Dora also met her Cornish Grandma.  It was very snowy in Devon but there wasn’t much snow in Cornwall.

Dora enjoyed exploring Cornish Auntie’s house and luckily she refrained from chewing any wires or damaging the Christmas tree.  She liked the new bathroom and found out how to play tub hockey with the bouncy balls she got for Christmas.  (She has been continuing this hobby since being home again).

She also enjoyed watching the birds from the window.  Here she is with her Cornish Auntie taking a good look outside.

After five days in Cornwall, we travelled back to Devon Grandma’s house to spend some more time with her.  Unfortunately, John was in bed with flu most of the time we were there, but Dora enjoyed herself!  Luckily Devon Grandma fell in love with her and didn’t mind her kitten antics, such as running across the shelves and cupboards, knocking down all the Christmas cards… But one of Dora’s favourite games was the Tablecloth Game.  Devon Grandma has lots of little tables with cloths on (we don’t use tablecloths at home, so this was a novelty for Dora).  Here’s how to play:

1.  Find a table with an interesting cloth.  Plenty of little holes it in for kitten claws to grip.

2. Pull cloth off table.  If there is other stuff on the table which falls off too, this makes the game even more fun!

3.  Wrap yourself up in the cloth so you can disguise yourself as the Tablecloth Monster.

4.  Lie in wait for humans, who will never guess what is under the tablecloth!

5.  Repeat lots of times.  Next time, more about Dora’s explorations at Devon Grandma’s house and how to play The Kitchen Unit Game!


  1. Looks like Dora had a lovely time visiting Cornish Auntie and Devon Grandma. The tablecloth game looks like great fun.

  2. Dora sweetie, so glad you had a good time with your Grannies. I like to hide under mum’s throw rugs.

  3. Dora is such a charming house guest! She can come and visit us!

  4. It sounds like she had a lot of fun visiting! I am glad!

  5. Dora sure had fun!!

  6. It sounds like your holidays were wonderful…excepting the nasty flu…and we LOVED seeing just how to play the tablecloth game!

    WE don’t have tablecloths at our house…why is that?

  7. No wonder Dora had no qualms about going in the carrier – everywhere she went she had lots of fun!

  8. Awwww!!!! It saiunds like Dora had bunches of fun visiting for Christmas!! We just love the cloth on the table game!! Our Mom doesn’t use them at home though! Too bad looks like lots of fun!!
    Your TX furiends,

  9. What a good girl Dora is jumping in the PTU – wish there was as much enthusiasm here!! The tablecloth game looks great fun and we would like to play it but mum says we don’t have any (but we think she’s fibbing cos she went red!!).

  10. oh what a fun game!!!!

  11. That table cloth game looks like it’s lots of fun to play!

  12. Nice to hear that Dora had such a great Christmas adventure. Wow it makes a differnce when they are good in the car! She is a seasoned traveler now 🙂

  13. Looks like a lot of fun was had by all. Love the tablecloth game. Looking forward to seeing more.. Hugs GJ x

  14. She looks like she’s grown so much in that picture in the tub!
    And what a fun game tub hockey is!
    And the new Tablecloth Monster game looks like great fun!

  15. Looks like Dora had a good time in Devon and Cornwall. We hope John is over his nasty flu.

  16. Dora you really do have the perfect name – you really are quite the explorer and traveler too! It sounds like you all had a wonderful time (well, other than that flu part) and boy, Dora is just such a cutie! Especially as the tablecloth monster!

  17. Kitten antics can be exhausting! She is just so adorable, though, it would be hard to be upset with her! Sweet little thing.

  18. Oh…when you are a kitten, you can do no wrong, even if it is wrong…Live it up while you can, hahameow!

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