Posted by: katemrdixon | January 18, 2011

Dora’s Christmas adventures, part 3

Sorry it’s taken so long to finish telling the tale of Dora’s Christmas visit to her Devon Grandma.  As mentioned in the last post, Dora enjoyed exploring Devon Grandma’s house very much – as well as inventing the Tablecloth Game, she was able to enjoy the comfy sofa – Eric’s sister Hattie used to like lying on the back of the sofa like this too…

Dora also found the chairs extremely comfy when she was tired of playing.

And she was very excited to find that Devon Grandma has a washing machine which provides round-and-round entertainment, just like the one we have at home!

Dora also invented the Kitchen Unit Game.  This is how you play it:

1.  Discover that a small section of panel under the kitchen units in Devon Grandma’s kitchen is slightly loose…

2.  Take off the panel with your talented tortie kitty paws…

3.  Now you can go exploring underneath the kitchen units, where there is lots of fun to be had!  If the humans clip the panel back on the kitchen unit, just take it off again and repeat the whole process as many times as you like!

I’m sure Dora is looking forward to her next trip to Devon Grandma’s house…


  1. Oh, Dora, what a clever girl you were, to remove that panel! You never know, there could have been a tasty mouse in there. Or a monster you had to slay! Well done!

  2. Dora you are very clever to take that panel off the kitchen unit. We bet it was great fun to explore under there.

  3. Dora you are the cutest thing! Look at how lovely you are on the sofa!

  4. Miss Dora, we think you must have kept your Grandma in stitches. You know, next time you might not fit under the units! Enjoy it while you can.

  5. Oh gosh you’re a pawsome kitty!

  6. Haha! Dora makes herself quite at home, doesn’t she??

  7. Welcome to Tortiedom! I did that when I was a kitten (crawling under the kitchen cabinets) and it scared my mom to death!

  8. The Kitchen Unit Game looks like loads of fun! I wonder if two kitties can play!

  9. Than kithen unit game look fun – we’ll try the bottom of our units when mum’s gone out!

  10. MeWow…you are very inventive and able to entertain yourself, too!

  11. Taking the kitchen unit panel off is VERY talented at such a tender age. We are IMPRESSED! MOL!

  12. Dora you travel well. But that would be expected since you are an explorer.

  13. What fun you had at grandma’s house!

  14. Okay, Dora The Explorer is certainly the purrfect name!

  15. haha so funny and cute!! clever little kitty! 🙂

  16. what a pawsome avenchur!!!!

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