Posted by: katemrdixon | January 29, 2011

Bath Time

Dora’s in the bathroom, hiding under the towels, waiting for someone to enter the bathroom to run themselves a bath…

…because as soon as they do, she’ll be keen to help to fill the bath.  She jumps on the corner of the bath to check that the water is flowing in correctly…

…and seems to be contemplating using her floofy tail to check the temperature of the bath water…

Unless forcibly removed from the bathroom she will then snoopervise the entire bath experience from the corner of the bath, patting the bathing person on the head with her paw at regular intervals and freaking them out with her hard stare…


  1. Miss Dora
    YOU are so cute.


  2. Oh…looks like she might even want to test the water temp with the tip of her tail, hahameow!

  3. She’s your lifeguard! Hi my sweetie Dora.


  4. Oh, Miss Dora,
    You’s so purrrrty.
    I too love tha bathroom, specially the big tub full of warm waters.
    I too haf a big floofy tail. I use mine for a thermometer, just like you.
    I believe that is what we ladie torties do.
    You know, we always looks like little kittens, even after we are all grown up, don’t we.
    Hee hee hee.
    Miss Faith Boomerang

  5. pee ess: I do believe my Mommie ML posted about you on The Cat Blogosphere for Sunday! She was quite taken with this post and with the one where you were sleeping in Eric’s carrier. She started crying. Aren’t mommies so silly!
    We love your bloggie. You know how to have fun. You can come play wif me anytime. I love your tablecloth game. No one here even knows what this is! I can’t imagine!!!!
    Ok, Bye.

  6. She is very cute. You are lucky. I like to join mum or dad when they are in the bath. I climb onto them and make biscuits before I lie down with my tail and toes floating. They try to be quick and grab a towel before my biscuit making because it makes them say ouch otherwise.

  7. That’s funny!! We hope she doesn’t jump into the tub!!

  8. That’s too cute! G, M & C don’t care whether the people bathe or not, but Rascal & I wait outside the bathroom till they come out. Then we try to lick all the clean off them and suck on their wet hair. Sometimes they run from us. Dunno what that’s all about.

  9. You are such a good helper Dora.

    Our boy always said it used to totally creep him out when Scout would sit on the counter and watch him bathe. After a few of those sessions Scout would unceremoniously be booted out of the bathroom.
    Scout would then play “paw under the door” to try to get back in!
    Good times!

  10. Miss Dora, you are a lifeguard kitty! I like to sit on the edge of the tub when my mom takes a bath and paw at the water. I also often let my tail float in the water while I supervise.

    Your friend, Zoe

  11. Dora, you’re such a cutie! Be careful not to slide into the tub, o.k.? You might not find it to your liking! One of the cats who came before us loved to snoopervise bath time and then one day he slipped off the edge and into the water…he levitated out of there really fast and had to be wrapped up in a towel and snuggled ’til he got dry again.

  12. […] Dora had a fun bath time adventure that reminded me of my torties, KC and Faith. […]

  13. Dora is so cute. It must be interesting to take a bath with her supervising.

  14. Dora is a little bit nutty! You won’t find me near any water – no way!

  15. Oh, help wif da baf. Yoor a good girl Dora, who knows what could happen to da beins if yoor not der.

  16. You look very cute, Dora. Be careful around all that water. You won’t catch me near a bathtub. Water is for drinking only.


  17. LOL! Alfie used to do that too ~ until he fell in one day!

  18. Rudy enjoys the bath too!

  19. We want to know if you check behind their ears to see if they’ve forotten to wash that bit!!

  20. Dora, that is PAWSOME!! ME has to snoopervise the bafs too!!! – Billy

  21. Be carefull on that tub there, Dora. You might fall in, or even get grabbed and pulled in by the bean.

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