Posted by: katemrdixon | February 3, 2011

Purrs Please

Dora is going to the v-e-t tomorrow morning (Friday) for a certain operation that girl cats have to have when they get to her age.  She is currently wondering why all the food got taken away at 8 pm.  I am a bit anxious about her having the anaesthetic and the operation, even though I am sure the Loud Australian V-e-t will take good care of her.  She is probably going to have to wear a cone for a few days to stop her playing with her stitches/glue.  And I am sure she will not be impressed that some of her beautiful soft floofy furrs are going to get shaved off!

Purrs please for our little tortie terror to bounce back from the upcoming trauma!  We have to go and pick her up in the evening, so I will let you know how she gets on.


  1. My sisters and I are sending purrs to sweet Dora!!! You will do fine little lady!

  2. Our loudest purrs to Dora! When Annie was spayed, she didn’t have to wear a cone, but then, that was 9+ years ago and procedures might be different now, we imagine.

    Best of luck; give us an update when she’s home, if you can!

  3. We are sending lots of purrs for little Dora.

  4. Purrs to you
    and sweet Dora.
    We bet she won’t miss a beat.


  5. We are purring for Dora and we hope all goes well!!

  6. Big purrs for Miss Dora, and we predict it won’t slow her down ONE BIT!

  7. Dora you are going to be fine! I am certain of it. In fact, I have a purr here waiting for you!

  8. Oh my little sweetie Dora. I will purr and purr that everything goes OK with your procedure. That mr Vet Man does the job furry well.

    If you need me to come and snuggle with you just let me know. I will be furry gentle.

    Loving purrs,


  9. We’re sending all our Tortie purrs to you, little Dora! We are sure you’re going to be fine and we will check back for an update!

  10. I’m purring for Dora, but I am sure she will be fine. I was up and wanting to play not long after I came home from my operation!

  11. We are sending lots of purrs to sweet Dora on her big day. I remember my mom freaking out when I had to go in for my “procedure” almost 5 years ago, so she understands. We will surround Dora with purrs.

  12. […] Dora is going for her young ladycat surgery and could use some encouraging purrs. ~Brian […]

  13. We will be purring our loudest, fur sure.
    Please, if you would, let us know as soon as you do.
    You can send it to mine sisfur, KC, who will post it on the CB Noos. That is, iffen ours power is on, we’s having a bit of weather difficulties here right now.
    Dora will fly through hers LadyGardenEctomy with flying colors, but it is always a bit nervous aforehand.
    Love & Purrs,

  14. Oh, pee ess, it is posted at the top of the Cat Blogosphere.
    Love & Purrs,
    Faith Boomerang & KC

  15. We are purring for all to go well for Dora. Smoochies.

  16. Best of British for you and the op little Dora we are sending you rumbly purrs and hope all goes well.


  17. We are sending healing & comforting purrs. Us girl cats had that done and it is not so bad. We didn’t even have to wear a cone cause we didn’t bother our stitches, which were very small.

  18. We are sending you lots of gentle headbutts and whiskery kisses to make you feel better after your furs have been stolen and you have embroidery on your tummy.
    lots of luv and purrs Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  19. We are sending lots of purrSSSSS for sweet Dora.

  20. Ah, Dora is getting to be a big girl now – a ladygardenectomy! We are sending many PURRRRRSSSSSSSSSS to you Dora!

  21. Hope it went well!

  22. None of us or Jan’s other pets ever had to wear a cone so it seems strange to her. But the first cat she ever had spayed went into the closet and refused to come out. Eventually she took our her stitches early but fortunately she had healed enough it didn’t matter by then. (And THEN she came out of the closet.) So she can understand why this is being done now. Purrs and tail wags for Dora.

  23. We hope all went well today!
    Waiting for the report!

  24. We are purring and praying that all goes well.

  25. Sure hope Dora’s ladygardenectomy went well and that she recovers quickly. Also hope she doesn’t have to wear a cone…with the modern, practically laparoscopic way they do the surgery these days, there’s only a very short scar and usually stitches that dissolve by themselves and don’t irritate the shaved tummy. Purrrrrs from all of us!

  26. Dear Little Dora,
    You’ll do purrfectly we’re sure… on your way now to being a true lady-cat! Zoey
    has a polka dot bikini she’ll loan you to wear til the purrty furs grow back!
    Our human tried to send an email to you with your sidebar TAG for Wordy Wednesday; but it bounced back at us; said the mailbox was too full! How popular you are!

    • Oh dear, I’m not sure why the email would bounce back, but I deleted a lot of old emails today, please let me know if it bounces back again! Thanks.

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