Posted by: katemrdixon | March 10, 2011

Spring is here!

Dora is getting cross that her blogging time has been so limited lately.  It’s all been a bit busy.  Dora and Uncle Andrew survived three days of looking after each other while John and I were in Paris.  Straight after we got back, it was announced that my school was having an Ofsted inspection and Dora was very annoyed to be ignored for a week while I was running round panicking.  She has found ways of amusing herself though – biting through another charger cable, trying to drink water out of flower vases, suddenly refusing to eat Whiskas kitten food any more and deciding she will only eat Waitrose kitten food…

We have been doing some spring cleaning.  Dora has snoopervised closely.  We got a new rug to put in the hallway.  Dora has examined it and approved it.There are lots of spring flowers in the garden now.  Dora has never seen spring before (being a July kitten).  On my way to work there is a road junction where every spring there are masses of yellow daffodils.  They are starting to bloom there now.  Last Christmas one of Dora’s presents was a fleece hammock bed to hang on the radiator.  She refused to use it.  Scorned it.  Looked at it with disdain.  Jumped out of it if you put her on it.  Ignored it thoroughly for nearly three months.  Until last weekend, when she suddenly decided it was the Place To Be.  Probably she was just messing with our heads.


  1. Welcome to the life of living with a tortie!

  2. It’s a rule that if you put us in a nice new bed, we won’t like it. We have to decide for ourselves that maybe it is a nice bed after all.

  3. Glad you got on well with Uncle Andrew, Dora!
    You are already an expert at playing contrary to the people with the kitten food and the radiator bed, which looks like quite a lovely place to be, by the way!
    Happy Spring!

  4. Dora, you sound like a mini-version of Binga!

  5. A cat has to show it is all about HER and her ideas–not just because the humans got it.

  6. Hi my sweetie Dora. You are just being a well rounded cat. You will choose to do what you want in your own time. But please don’t chew on the cable wires. Icky.



  7. We just love that light stripe down her nose – such a cutie!

  8. Dora, we’re glad you discovered that cozy hammick…it does look like the place to be!!

  9. Dora is utterly gorgeous, I love reading about her exploits.

    And I know that road junction well – I make a point of driving round it several times during spring, the daffodils are so beautiful.

    Saffron sends purrs to Dora.

  10. It’s nice to see Dora enjoying her hamick. And wot a joy that Spring is here!

  11. Dora – you are learning fast like all young lady cats – if it’s expensive ignore it for the longest time and if it’s cheap break it on it’s first outing!! Remember this fact – Nothing is too good for you as the lady of the house.
    We are so pleased you have learned the food programme – whatever’s in the cuoboard is not acceptable – if it is the last one of something you haven’t even licked in weeks it must suddenly be the best tastiest dish you desire especially when the shops are just closing!!
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

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