Posted by: katemrdixon | April 10, 2011

Dora Goes Exploring…

…in the garden in her new red harness.  The weather here is lovely and sunny and she has been very keen to go outside and explore the garden, where she sees Leo and the Evil Intruder Cats playing all the time, not to mention all those delicious-looking birdies flying about.  Please note the immense floofiness of her beautiful tail these days.  She is very proud of it.


  1. What a cutie you are in your red harness! I am ever so thrilled that you found me!


  2. She has sure been growing into a beautiful kitty.

  3. Aha, Dora is exploring!

  4. Have fun exploring, Dora!!

  5. Very pretty!! Kiara’s tail is really floofy like dat. When she wuz little (wif da big tail), Momma wuz afraid it would flip her ofur while running down the stairs!
    ~Meeko & Kiara

    pee ess- We’s jealous of yur nice weather. We gots SNOW yesterday!!

  6. Dora, you definitely are an explorer!!! Your tail is magnificent!

  7. She does have an impressive tail and seem very comfortable in the harness (my cats hate them). Has she met Marmite yet?

  8. We love your floofy tail Dora – it is furry pretty. We are glad you have taken to your harness to get outside – the weather has been so lovely for a stroll round the garden.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. What purrfection, Dora!

  10. She’s got you in a harness, does she?
    Mom keeps scout in his too because she says she’s too tired to go chasing him if he tries to make an escape.
    You are growing lovelier every day sweetheart!

  11. My dear sweetie, so nice that you are allowed outside to explore your garden. Maybe in time you can explore without the harness.

    Mum says don’t worry, she hasn’t cleaned her house this weekend either. Too nice to clean, will be outside most of the day. We have lots of open windows here. Yippee.


  12. Oh, what beautiful tortitude! You’re certainly growing up to be a beautiful kitty!
    Are the frogs in your garden pond active yet? They will be fun to watch and play with…

  13. It’s lovely to see Dora owt exploring and enjoying the Spring weather. Smoochies.

  14. I’m sure I would love to explore if it wasn’t for the harness thing, and that Mom would have to pick me up to get me in it… You go, Dora!

  15. Wow Dora has really grown up into such a gorgeous girl! And it is great that she will go out on a harness – safe but still outside!

  16. You have a beautiful tail, Dora! Mine’s floofilicious too, but it’s still cold and zappy here and it makes it all flat.

    I wish I had a garden! I don’t even have a balcony and the Mom-Lady says I can’t go outside here at ALL. But we do have lots of birds, small ones and BIIIIIIG ones and the humans put lots of big black ropes outside my windows so the birds can land on them and I get to watch! If only my Mom-Lady would let me out the window! I bet I could climb on that wire and catch them! I bet you could too!

  17. What a beautiful floofy tail you have! You look like you’re having fun asplorin!

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