Posted by: katemrdixon | April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Dora has been having a very exciting week.  We are having major landscaping works done in our back garden, which has started with a lot of clearance work – such as overgrown shrubs being cut down and the old patio being dug up.  Even the pond is being dug up, as we’re having a new (and better) pond.   Dora was scared on the first day of having the back garden full of workmen, and spent hours hiding behind the sofa, but on the second day she decided this was top entertainment and has been watching the goings-on through the patio windows with great interest.  The work will be going on for several more weeks, so she will have plenty to watch!  The workmen love her already.I haven’t been very good lately at posting pictures of Dora, but as I’m on holiday from school for Easter I will try to improve.  Today is Good Friday, so it’s a bank holiday and John gets off work too.  Lots of holidays coming up here in the UK – Easter Monday is a bank holiday, so is the Royal Wedding next Friday, and so is the following Monday which is May Day bank holiday.  Not much work done by anyone!  Except me, as I’m taking 26 children to Norfolk on Tuesday for the annual “activity holiday”, and coming back on Friday evening, so will have to watch the Royal Wedding highlights when I get back.

Dora isn’t impressed by having the mantelpiece full of Easter cards.  Doesn’t everyone know that the mantelpiece is a place for cats to sit on?  Never mind, it is the work of a moment to knock those cards over and take their place.

We went shopping today to make sure there is enough food to last through all these holidays.  Dora likes to get very involved in unpacking the shopping bags.


  1. Dora is going to get lots of entertainment from the builders – we hope she is getting well paid for snoopervising and timing their tea-breaks!! We love how she helps to unpack the shopping – probably to make sure her food is the right sort and flavour.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx
    ps Good luck with your “activity holiday”.

  2. Dora, it definitely sounds like you’re having a very exciting holiday! We think as long as you can snoopervise the workmen, everything will go well.

    You are growing into a beautiful girl! We love the ear tufts!

  3. Hi there Dora, we are so excited to meet you. You sure are a pretty young lady. Good for you snooopervising those workmen. I bet they end up being your best friends. We think it is dandy for you to sit on the mantel. We certainly will come back and visit to see the work is going. Take care and have a wonderful Easter.

  4. Dora, at least those guys are outside and not working in your house!! And yes, we think the mantle is the purrfect place to nap even though we can’t go up there. That’s the one place our mom won’t let us go. Maybe because when Wally was little he jumped up there and knocked a picture off and it smashed!! Since then, no more mantle.

  5. Oh look at how grown up you look there Dora! What a gorgeous little girl!

  6. Dora, you DO know it’s your responsibility to make sure those workmen get it all done correctly, right? As a tremendously pretty Tortie, we KNOW you can do it!

  7. Hi Dora! I bet you are doing a great job snoopervising! Happy Easter!

  8. Dora you are looking gorgeous. I think it will be great fun to have lots of workmen to watch. Hope your mum has a great trip with the schoolkids. Happy Easter. Hugs GJ x

  9. I am not surprised that Dora is already popular with the worker humans – she is gorgeous and fun!

  10. Hello my sweetie. You look charming on the mantle. We don’t have one of those at my house. I have a high window valence to sit on instead.

    Enjoy the outside work, we had guys come by too this week. They mulched out mum purrenial garden. Saving her lots of work.

  11. Hi Dora! We’z glad dem workmen are providing you with lots of entertainment. We like going thru mom’s grocery bags too, just to find da one she haf da treats in. Yes, she must buy us something every time she goes shopping or we get all pouty and stuff.

  12. Happy Easter to our dear friends!

    Love from Milo and Alfie, and fambly xxxx

  13. Oh Dora
    YOU are simply gorgeous!
    And we are so glad you are now enjoying the men who are redoing your back yard.
    We can’t wait to see your pictures.
    Have a hoppy Easter!
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  14. You’re sure doing your growings Dora! Bigger each time we see you!
    You are so pretty you are distracting to those workmen. When they are done will you take us on a new tour of the garden?
    Enjoy your holidays!

  15. Wow! Maximum floof! And that tail!!! What a beautiful girl you are!

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