Posted by: katemrdixon | May 12, 2011

Eyes Wide Open

Once again, a major blogging fail has occurred in the past few weeks.  Dora isn’t pleased.  I’ve promised to get blog posts up more regularly in future!

Dora has been very busy continuing to snoopervise the workmen who are rebuilding our back garden (and nowhere near finished!)   She has to keep her eyes wide open…


  1. Miss Dora! Look at how wide your eyes are and how looooong your ear furnishings have gotten! Why, you’re almost all growed up. You keep a lookout on those workermen, missy!

  2. You gotta keep an eye on them guys, Dora!! Good job snoopervising!

  3. Hi my little sweetie. Snoopervising is hard work, so be sure to get your naps in.


  4. Dora is already showing lots of promise as a supervisor!

  5. Looks like you are doing a very good job of snoopervising Dora.

  6. Dora you are such a cutie! It looks like your snoopervising duties are going very well so far – it is good you have a comfy place because it sounds like it could be a while!

  7. Very pretty eyes they are too. I know blogger has been a pain and all yesterdays post were lost.. Hugs GJ x

  8. Well done Dora!

  9. We know you will make sure those garden workmen don’t take too many tea breaks Dora.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Keep up the good snoopervising work Dora.
    Maybe you need to keep away from the window however…….sounds like the workers spend more time adoring you and not getting the job done. Your are distractingly beautiful.

  11. Yeah, you’ve really gotta keep your eyes on backyard workmen!

  12. Dora, you know you have to keep an eye on those humans…our Teri has not helped us blog in ages, til today!

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