Posted by: katemrdixon | May 24, 2011

Washing Day

Do0-be-doo-be-doo…just relaxing on her hammock, doing some washing…lick, lick, lick, lick…

The garden rebuild is nearly finished.  Dora is getting a bit bored being locked up in the living room all day on weekdays (because of the workmen).  We will post lots of garden pictures soon.

There has also been an explosion of intruder cat activity.  Leo is pestering the workmen constantly.  Another neighbour cat (who we call ZenKitty because she is extremely chilled out) has adopted our garage roof as her siesta spot.  Our new pergola in the garden is being used as a kitty jungle gym.  And there are four kittens on the loose.  It’s like a cat version of Piccadilly Circus!


  1. Mum says she has been through Pickadilly lots of times. So she knows how busy the kitties are! Can’t wait to see the pictures of the new garden.

  2. Oh Dora, I can’t wait until you can explore and show us the garden and all the goings on!


  3. Dora, you’re a good little washer!!

  4. Dora soon the work will be done and more of the house will be available and until then you can keep up with your maintenance.

  5. Dora, what are you going to think of all these invaders on your property?

  6. Hi Dora! We are so looking forward to pics of the noo garden ~ and of Eric’s newts in their noo pond. (we miss Eric tons).

  7. Dora, that’s a great spot for a bath. And how big you are now! We remember seeing pics of you were you just a wee little one. 🙂

    Maybe we’ll get to see pics of all the “introoder” kitties? We hope those kittens (a) have homes and (b) will be spayed/neutered! Shame on whoever it was who let their female cat out to breed!

  8. Dora you have grown so much. It looks like there will be lots of pictures to show us of kitty visitors to your new garden. Hugs GJ xx

  9. We are hoping you will give us a guided tour of your garden Dora – we are looking forward to watching you doing your gymnastics on the pergola!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. That is a super cool place to have a bath!

  11. Nice place to do a bit of baffin’ Dora!
    We can’t wait to see the pictures of your new garden, and any introoder cats you might happen to get pictues of!

  12. Oh…I remember seeing those hammocks when Mike and I visited England…great idea! We hope those intruders go away!

  13. I can’t wait to see how the new garden turns out either. A Piccadilly Circus of Garden Kitties… sounds like great fun to watch!

  14. we is waitin’ anxiously to see the new garden spot!! too bad you don’t haff a 24-hour camera on it, since there’s so much fun hi-jinks goin’ on there!

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