Posted by: katemrdixon | June 1, 2011

Dora and the washing machine

This is Dora as an ickle tiny kitten, fascinated with the washing machine.She is still fascinated with the washing machine.  These photos are more recent.  

But don’t worry, she will never get the chance to ride in it when it is switched on!  That would be a Bad Idea, Dora!

I have the week off work as my school is on half-term holiday, so Dora and I are spending lots of quality time together.  And Dora’s Cornish Auntie will be here today, returning from her holiday in San Francisco.  We hope she has had a lovely time in Mericky!


  1. Watch out Dora, we’ve heard that thing has WET stuff in it!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  2. You are brave Dora – you wouldn’t catch us inside there.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. We hope Cornish Aunty brings Cornish game hen as a treat!

  4. How exciting that you get to see your Auntie Dora! Ichiro always loved exploring the washer and it always worried the Woman.

  5. Curious tortie girl!!
    You are brave Dora, None of us would do that!

  6. Washing machines are very exciting Dora. I used to watch ours for hours when I was little.

  7. The washing machine here is in the garage, so we have never had the chance to play with it!

  8. Dear sweet little Dora, please don’t go for a ride in the washy thing. Or the dryer thingy either.



  9. What’s in there that has you so interested, Dora?? Maybe we should try out our washing machine!!

  10. You are BRAVE, Dora. We don’t like the noise that our washy thing makes!

  11. Hi Dora! Sorry we haven’t been round recently ~ we’ve had grandbeans staying at our howse!

  12. Dora we understand the fascination – we like to watch the machine too. Though none of us is ever brave enough to get close enough to go in it.

  13. Aww, you are the curious kitty, aren’t you. Mom’s been reading your blog since before you. This is our first time to comment, though. I thinks the dryer is way better that the washer!

  14. you look like you haf a cozy spot there, but our mum shoo’s us out of the room whenefur she sees us eyeballin’ our “wet cloes cave”. iggy hides behint it, though!

  15. Dora, you are brave, but it’s not good idea to play with washing machine 🙂

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