Posted by: katemrdixon | July 23, 2011

Purrthday Planning in the Garden

La la la la la…just surveying my newly-rebuilt garden, feeling happy that my human has finished work for six weeks so she will have much more time to devote to MEEE and my BLOGGING!

I wouldn’t be too sure about that if I were you, Dora – I’ve heard a rumour that your humans are off on holiday to France for a week and you are going to KITTY JAIL!!!

WHAT??? But…but…but I’ve only just started enjoying the freedom to roam around in my new garden!  I like watching how the newts are getting on in the new pond!

And I’ve just learned how to climb up on the new kitty climbing frame (and how to climb down without having to be rescued by the humans!)

There’s so much to see – I am the Queen and this is all my kingdom!  Wait, was that a pigeon that just flew past us???

And they CAN’T send me to kitty jail when it’s my purrthday on Monday!  I’m going to be ONE WHOLE YEAR OLD on Monday!  They have to stay at home and make a fuss of me!

Yes, well, I heard them say they were going to throw you a purrthday party when they get back.  A bit belated, but it’s the thought that counts.

Humph.  The Queen is NOT AMUSED.


  1. Love your new garden! Happy birthday in advance!

    Hopefully your mom won’t be gone too long.

    Mom Paula

  2. Dora, your new garden is a kitty paradise! We’re wishing you a Happy Birthday in advance, and we think your parents will be suitably guilty and bring you loads of French Kitty Treats!

  3. Oh no, Dora!! How could your humans ruin your good time??

  4. Kitty jail? No noes, not for my sweet little Dora! Not on your very first purrthday! Your beans need to stay home and cellybrate with you,not run off to another country.

    I shall teleport over to keep you company.



  5. We love your new garden. We are sorry that you will be in kitty jail on your birthday, but we bet something nice will happen there anyway. We hope you have a good week despite being in jail.

    Cody and Gracie

  6. Happy Birthday in advance Dora!! We bet you get a really cool Birthday party when the Parents come home! We also hope you have a great time in Kitty jail and we just love your new backyard!

    Your TX furiends,

  7. What?! Your humans did not plan their vacation around your birthday?! That’s against the law! Do your humans know they can be arrested by the Cat Police for this?!

  8. Perhaps you’ll get a birthday cake while you are in kitty jail Dora and you will surely have presents and party when the servants get home.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Your garden looks lovely Dora. It is not fair that you will be locked up for your birthday. We were locked up on our blogoversary last week.Humans need to get their priorities right.

  10. Monday: Happy Birthday sweet Dora! We hope yoo are being spolit rotten in the …. erm …. kitty jail! Smoochies.

  11. PS: Yoor garden is looking AWESOME!

  12. HAPPY PURIRTHDAY DEAREST DORA! I am not happy that you have to spend your firstest ever purrthday in kittie jail, but I hope the staff treated you well and you get lots of treats.



  13. we hope there was an acceptable fete when they returned, wif lotsa prezzies an’ foods!! sorry we is late in our purrrrrrthday wishes, sweetie, but they is no less sincere for all that!

  14. We can’t wait for the party Dora!!!

  15. Your garden is loverly and the pond very zen like…though the newts might not agree when you find them, hahameow. You certainly have grown into a lovely young ladycat!

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