Posted by: katemrdixon | August 9, 2011

Welcome To Dora’s First Purrthday Party!

Welcome to my party!  I turned ONE year old on July 25th and this is my belated First Purrthday Party!

Here is a picture of me when I was a little tiny kitten and came to my forever home. Look, my tail was all small and spiky instead of gorgeous and floofy like it is now.And here I am as a big one year old girlcat with tortitude and floofiness!  The house is all ready for my party.  We have seafood to offer our guests…And yummy chicken…And delicious milk cocktails…Feel free to try out the new giant kitty climbing frame in the garden – here you can see Leo and me demonstrating how to enjoy it…And have a piece of purrthday cake…The party goes on all day – drop in and out whenever you like!  Plenty of comfy chairs and beds for nap piles!

And now I am all grown up, my mum says I am allowed to have a boyfriendcat – come back tomorrow to see pictures of me opening the lovely purrthday presents my admirer sent to me!

Purrs, Dora xxx


  1. Happy Birthday, Dora! Thank you for inviting us to your awesome party to help celebrate your special day. We hope you have a terrific day, and a year filled with all good things (like treats, snuggles and sun puddles).

    Now, let’s go try out that giant kitty climbing frame … it looks FUN! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday, beautiful Dora! Your first birthday already! We hope you have a fabulous day!

  3. Happy Birthday Dora!!!!! Thanks for inviting us to your party it is simply pawsome!

    We are off to try out the kitty climbing frame.

  4. Happy birthday, Dora! this is a pawsome party, thanks for inviting us all! We have some fresh nip to share, from our garden, and we’ve got lots of new fuzzy pipe cleaner “snakes” for you too!

  5. Thank you for inviting all of us! We too brought some fresh nip from our garden for us all to share.

    Let’s play!!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday beautiful Dora! my goodness, that year went quickly. Let’s party!

  7. Happy Purrfday Dora!! OH MY BAST! Lookit your tail! it’s gorgeous (all of you is gorgeous)

  8. Happy Birthday, Dora! You are one gorgeous tortie girl! We’ll be transporting over with some fresh seafood for everyone.
    Hope all is well in your part of London.
    Toby and Cupcake

  9. Happy, happy belated Birthday wishes Dora and what a lovely garden you have – that climbing frame is awesome. We will have some chicken first please – what a great hostess you are.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Great party Dora, you are a great hostess. I hopes that tomorrow my wish will come true.

    Your MiniManCat in Waiting


  11. Happy Birthday sweetie … you’ve grown up into quite the lady!

  12. Happy Birthday Dora!!! This is an excellent party. We brought a pitcher of meowgaritas and some ham!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  13. Happy Birthday! This looks delicious!

  14. Happy Birthday, Dora! And you already have an admirer?

    Looks like a great party. We kitties think the climbing thing is enticing. And the food looks great.

  15. Wow that kitty frame is awesome. I think we will go try it out. We can not wait to see your presents from your admirer.

    Pixel and Samba

  16. Happy Purrthday Dora! Wow, yoor tail sure did floof out. Mommy calls da baby kittens little, bitty pointy tails “pencil tails” because dey remind her of a sharpened pencil.

  17. I remember when you first came home! Happy Birthday sweet Dora!!!

  18. Happy birthday, Dora! You certainly grew up into a gorgeous young ladycat! I can’t wait to see your presents!

  19. Happy Purrthday, Miz Dora! We are so very happy to be able to help you celebrate your 1st purrthday!
    Runt is going to check out the big cat climbing area and Charles is checking out the food. If he becomes a piggy, just send him home…Taz is being very lady-like and just having a bite or two of everything.
    So, here’s to many more years of good health, good food and good friends,
    Snuggles from 3 kats and a kwilter

  20. Happy PurrfDay Dora! We’d love to try a tasty milk cocktail, thank you!
    We are in love with your fluffy tail, and your new garden is HEAVENLY to play in.
    We remember who your admirer is; we’re excited for tomorrow to come!
    Enjoy your special day.

  21. Happy Birthday, Dora! You sure have grown up to be a beautiful ladycat!! Your admirer is one lucky mancat!! 😉

  22. Happy Birthday Dora. You have grown into a beautiful ladycat.

  23. Happy Happy Birthday Dora!
    You have grown into a beautiful girlcat!
    Your admirer proposed a long time ago and we are glad he waited for you (but we must wait to see if it is still him and not another!)
    Can’t wait to see your presents too!
    That shrimp looks yummy!

  24. Happy purrday Dora!

  25. Happy 1st Birthday Dora and many, many, many moooooore!! Thanks for inviting us to your party!! We love the big climbing thing!! And all the food looks so good!!
    Howdy from your TX furiends,

  26. Think I will just stay here an curl up for the evening. It has been a wonderful day.


  27. Happy Birthday Dora.From one tortie to another your tortitude shines through the screen.

  28. Happy, Happy Birthday Dora-girl. Hope you are doing OK over the pond.

  29. Happy Birthday Dora!!!
    Have a great day!
    We are brazilian friends!

  30. Happy 1st Purrfday Dora! We are so excited to be over here and Par-Taying with you! This is a great party! We luf your floofy tail too!

    Luf, Us

  31. Great party Dora! Thank you for letting me bring Fafner too! We had a lot of fun!


    Happy Birthday Dora!

    ~Jack (and Persephone)

  32. Happy Birthday Dora! We love your big floofy tail.

    Cody and Gracie

  33. Happy Birthday Dora! What a beautiful young girl cat you turned out to be! Our mum would like to borrow you to help her out with the dusting here with that floofy tail of yours. MOL!

  34. Dora, you were a beautiful baby and now you’re a gorgeous young lady…

    Happy Birthday #1 !!!

  35. We are always missin partees! We don’t think you follow us, but we had to come by in honor of your birthday…looks like you you put on quite the ‘bash’…

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