Posted by: katemrdixon | August 19, 2011

I’m Wet!

I was having a little outing in the garden yesterday when all this HORRIBLE WET STUFF started falling out of the sky!  My mum stood at the patio windows and called me to come in, but I stood there in the middle of the lawn and mewed at her to make it stop.  But she DIDN’T!  I waited at least fifteen minutes for her to make the wet stuff stop falling out of the sky but eventually I realised she wasn’t going to!  So I came inside.  I was SOAKED!  I had to be towelled down and given lots of treats, I was very put out.  About half an hour later I wanted to go out again even though the wet stuff was still falling but she wouldn’t let me!


  1. Oh, Dora, it was very unkind of your mum not to make the wet stuff stop falling. We think she did that just to torment you. At least you got treats, though. Eventually.

    P.S. We don’t understand why our own human mom is laughing so much….

  2. Oh my goodness! I hate it when I don’t get my way on things like that. I am glad she at least dried you off so you did not catch cold.

  3. My sweetest. Mum’s don’t have the power to stop the wet stuff coming from above. At least not outside!

    Sorry you got all wet, but the towel snuggles and treats hopefully made it better.

    Headbonks and nose kisses.


  4. That was very mean of your human to refuse to stop that water from falling from the sky. I would have been very put out too.

  5. Hehe! Own dear! So sorry…my cat sons hates getting wet!!! Kisses on nose!

  6. oh that’s terrible that she did not make it stop!!

  7. Dora! Now why did that wet stuff fall from the sky and ruin your day?? At least you got some towel rubs and treats…that makes up for getting all wet!

  8. Dora, kitteh, sometimes the beans can’t stop that wet stuff from falling.

    If you watch, sometimes you can see one of them running in side all wet just like happened to you.

  9. These mums don’t seem able to stop this wet stuff falling down Dora – and let’s face it they should have had plenty of practice after all it is the summer in England??!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. I can’t believe Mom couldn’t make it stop!!! you are too funny!

  11. I think it’s best to stay inside where it’s dry.

    Tipper and I love your golden paw, Dora.

    Your friend

  12. Oh dear, another new experience!
    We hope you are dry by now Dora.

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