Posted by: katemrdixon | August 22, 2011


Oh no, kitties!  I’ve been having such a lovely time for the last couple of weeks, hanging out with my mum while she is on her school holidays, chasing butterflies in the garden, helping with the housework, exploring the neighbours’ gardens and snoozing in the sunshine (we’ll skip over the day I got all wet!)

But I just found out that tomorrow my humans are going on holiday to Norfolk for a week and on the way there they are going to leave me at the kitty jail!  Again!  This will be the second time this summer I have been there!

I can’t believe they would do this to me.  I am going into hiding right now!And if the hiding doesn’t work, I am teleporting over to stay with my favourite mancat, Ducky, and his bro, Derby.  See you in a week’s time!


  1. I think to see a hide little kitteh!

  2. That is just not fair!

  3. Dora you know you are welcome any time. See you soon.

    Purrs, Ducky

  4. That is SO not fair – your humans go running off, doing whatever they want and YOU get locked up like a common criminal! Heh.

  5. Dora! We hope you have fun with Ducky and Derby!!

  6. You’re being sent to kitty jail *twice* in one summer? OMC, that qualifies for neglect, Dora. We’re thinking lawsuit….

  7. How terrible Dora! They are norty!

  8. How can your people do that!
    They did the same to Fat Eric too. We see you are next to Scratchy Mouse.
    He’s Eric’s good friend. Maybe you can take him along.

  9. So not fair…but take my advice, when hiding it’s important to tuck in your tail and your head!

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