Posted by: katemrdixon | January 20, 2012

Unsolved Mystery

As my friends know, we get a lot of Evil Intruder Cats visiting our garden.  Some of them come round all the time, like Leo, the ginger cat who lives next door, where I lived for a little bit when I was a kitten.  Others only come round occasionally.  Lately we have noticed a few new cats coming round.  But usually there are only one or two Evil Intruder Cats in my garden at any one time.  Some of them I play with and some of them I hiss at and chase them away.  (There is a black and white cat I HATE and whenever I see her outside the window I hiss and throw myself at the glass!…she once pushed me off the garage roof into the pond and I have not forgiven her yet!)

But I was SHOCKED when I looked out of the kitchen window early one morning this week and saw this…They are getting together!  And plotting!  Maybe they are even plotting to move into my nice comfy home where I enjoy being a Spoilt Only Cat!  Maybe they are plotting to steal my foods!  How do they know what a nice life I have?  Have they been SPYING on me?My mum says there must be a sign pointing to our house because we have so many Evil Intruder Kitties.  But I can’t find it!  All this E.I.K. activity is a mystery to me.  I am going to have to be on the alert.

P.S.  The Cat-Who-Came-Before-Me, Fat Eric, used to have a lot of trouble with the E.I.K.s too.  You would think we would have solved the mystery by now!



  1. Dora – get your Mum to help you set up a comfy spot where you can spy on who is entering your garden. Purrhaps you can leave trip wires on the fence where they come over or get a water pistol at the ready to shoot them with. A cold water jet right between the eyes or if they are retreating on their spot 13 should hopefully deter them.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Hmmm, we think you might need to pull up the welcome mat and replace it with one that says “No EIKs welcome here.”

  3. Yikes! The tuxie even has the nerve to stare at you.

  4. They are cheeky that’s for sure!

  5. My dearest, I should come to protect you from the EIK, specially that tuxie mennis!

    You be safe and keep your mum happy so she doesn’t invite any of them in.

    Your special ginger boy.


  6. OMC! It’s a kitty convention!!

  7. Wow, we would not be happy if so many cats trespassed on our property!

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