Posted by: katemrdixon | July 25, 2013

My 3rd Purrthday!

There are no excuses good enough for the laziness of my human when it comes to blogging on here, but at least she puts pictures of me and DC on Facebook sometimes.  

Anyway, it is my purrthday again and I am THREE!  Hard to believe I know, especially when I still run around like my tail is on fire or like a mad kitten (that’s what the humans say anyway).  Today is the first day of my mum’s long summer holiday from teaching sticky little people.  So she had no excuse for not doing a purrthday post for me.  We are all fine here, it has been pretty hot in London lately, we have had the hottest weather here for 7 years, which is tough if you have a floofy fur coat.  I have been lying against the tiles in the bathroom trying to keep my cool.Image

But sometimes it is nice to sunbathe on top of the pergola where you can watch everything. Image

I have particularly been enjoying chasing butterflies in the garden, I haven’t managed to catch one yet but we do have lots of butterflies in this hot weather.  There is also a frog who has come to join the newts in our pond.  Leo, the next door ginger cat, and I have spent hours in the evenings trying to lean into the pond to catch Mr. Froggie, but so far he has managed to evade us by diving under the water, which I think is unfair.

I am off to celebrate my purrthday with a special treat of tuna in spring water – YUM! – and open the exciting box I have received from my boyfriendcat, Ducky.  Happy purrthday to me, and I will try to get my useless human to update some time in the fairly near future!

Dora xx


  1. Happy Birthday beautiful Dora!

  2. Happy Purrthday my dearest Dora. I hope you enjoy what I sent you in the package.

    Tons of purrs to you and if you need to cool off, teleport over. Our hot weather is gone and if it is hot, we have air conditioning.

  3. Happy birthday, Dora! Tell your human to let you blog more often! I always enjoy seeing you!


  5. Happy Birthday sweet little Dora!

  6. ARGGGGGH! wordpress hates us! Third attempt here to post….

    Happy Birthday Dora, we are sorry we are late but our ape is lazy and dumb. We hope you had a wonderful day and shared some tuna with DC.

    You really are quite the tortie lion!

    Gerry & Mungo

  7. Happy Purrthday, Dora! Sorry we are late, but our mum has been way behind due to cat/dog/house sitting for our cousins. Sounds like you had a great day!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday. We remember when you found your way into your mom’s heart and home.

  9. Happy Birthday Dora!

  10. You have grown up so beautifully Dora! Love that top picture with you against the cool tile! Happiest of Birthdays honey!

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