Posted by: katemrdixon | February 5, 2011

A Chew Too Far

Thank you for all the supportive purrs for Dora and her “girl cat operation”.  Everything went smoothly and the v-e-t’s assistant phoned me at work to let me know when she had come round from the anaesthetic.  We went to collect her at about 6 p.m.  and the v-e-t’s assistant was raving about the cuteness of Dora and her tufty ears.

Dora was also micro-chipped while she was at the v-e-t’s this time.   The v-e-t gave her five days’ supply of anti-inflammatory medications (which are liquid and have to be dripped on to her food) and also gave her a few days’ supply of “recovery diet” – sachets of special food (which she seems very keen on).  She has to go back in five days so that he can just check the wound is healing OK, and in ten days to have her stitches removed.  She only has two stitches.  We were given a cone to put on her if she tried to chew her stitches but so far, although she has been licking herself all over to get rid of the v-e-t smell, she has refrained from trying to chew the stitches so she hasn’t had to have the cone on.


Some time during last night, she managed to gain access to my mobile phone charger, which was hidden away from her, and chewed the wire clean through!  Then she came and got into bed and cuddled up under the duvet and purred like an innocent kitty, until her crime was discovered this morning.   I had to go out and spend £20 on a new charger today…grrr!  Bad kitty!  She is now running round the living room at 100 miles per hour knocking objects off tables and shelves, so she seems to be recovering from her surgical trauma just fine…  Will take some “shaved belly” pics this weekend…thanks again for the purrs of support!


  1. Ah Dora…no chewing on things. That isn’t a good cat! And you must be good so you get extra treats while you have to recover…

  2. Ha! She’s obviously recovering just fine! This is good…except not good news for the wires in the house!

  3. She was retaliating for the v-e-t visit 🙂

  4. Well, it sounds like Dora is not haffing any prollem wif her lady serjeree!

  5. Oh…We thought maybe Dora ‘chewed too far’ on her sutures, but we see now that at least she is ok! One of us did that to Teri’s charger and she didn’t want to spend $30 on a new one, so she looked on eBay and got one for about $9 with shipping. If that happens again, check there.

  6. I am very glad the surgery went well! Hey Dora, don’t chew on any live wires, that could end badly!

  7. Dora, glad you are feeling OK. Don’t eat your mum’s stuff, it makes them cranky!



  8. Glad everything went well with your ladygardenectomy Dora. I used to chew wires when I was young too. I chewed through the phone wire and the Christmas tree lights. Luckily the lights weren’t on when I did it.

    • How old were you when you stopped wire-chewing, Flynn?

  9. We’re glad everything went well with Dora’s “operation.” Sounds like it hasn’t stopped her from anything!!

    Ernie likes to chew wires. He’s chewed on the telephone wire, the TV cable and the coffee pot wire. He’s been working on the laptop charger cord too, but mom always stops him.


  10. MOL! Dora is behaving exactly the way I did after my spay! Well, except that I didn’t chew through a mobile phone charger, mainly because my human did not have a mobile phone at the time.

  11. Oh dear! Milo once chewed through 3 mobile phone chargers in one week. Yes, ONE week! So be careful where you hide them ~ kittens can be very PURRsistant! LOL!


  12. I am glad that all went well with the op. But oh you little tinker to chew mums charger.. Baby teeth get into eveything.. Hugs GJ xx

  13. We’re delighted that the op went well and Dora seems to have recovered in record time!! We suspect that she is getting her own back for the v-e-t visit and surery!!

  14. Happy to hear all is well from the surgery and that you got a microchip!
    Cuteness only gets you so far Dora. You’re going to have to start to honor Mum’s rules or you’ll get a time out!

  15. Oh we are so glad that Dora did well with her ladycat surgery – we know how nervewracking it can be! And oh we know about the chewing through cords and acting innocent right after – the same thing has happened at our house too!

  16. She is adorable Dora even when she’s naughty. FAZ

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